Chapter 222 - One Person is Enough!
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 222 - One Person is Enough!

Boundary Mountain Range, second underground level's entrance:

Currently, a super-large magic barrier that covered a 1,000-yard radius and was maintained by 324 players had thoroughly enveloped the cavern that led to the Boundary Mountain Range's second underground level.

"A Crimson Demon Barrier! To think you Five Great Super Guilds would be willing to make such a huge investment!" Thousand Swords, a white-haired old man who had reached Level 110, exclaimed as he looked at the white-robed old man with a graying beard standing next to him. Even though he was around the same age as the gray-bearded old man, he dared not act rashly around the other party.

This was because the old Elementalist was Chiyang Tianhe, the Honorary Elder of one of the Five Great Super Guilds Solar Temple. When Chiyang Tianhe first entered God's Domain, he was already an old monster only half a step away from the Beyond Domain Realm.

Now that ten years had gone by already, combined with the abundant resources provided by Solar Temple, Thousand Swords couldn't even begin to imagine how strong Chiyang Tianhe had become. It was especially so now that Chiyang Tianhe was standing within a Crimson Demon Barrier.

The Crimson Demon Barrier was a large-scale Master Magic Array that required 324 Master Magicians to operate. It was one of the best Master Magic Arrays in God's Domain, and the materials required to form a Crimson Demon Barrier were enough to leave a huge hole in a first-rate Guild's pockets.

In exchange for the exorbitant operational costs, the Crimson Demon Barrier could reduce the Basic Attributes of even Tier 4 Mythic monsters by 30% or more. The barrier was also incredibly sturdy, able to withstand hundreds of attacks from a Mythic monster outside the barrier and double that number from the inside. Moreover, players couldn't teleport while inside the barrier.

Unless a Tier 5 player appeared, the Crimson Demon Barrier was essentially a small yet unshakable fortress.

"The second underground level is worth this price," Chiyang Tianhe, who had reached Level 112 already, said, a faint smile forming on his face as he looked at the Crimson Demon Barrier. "Anyway, I'm quite surprised you would abandon the main continent. It seems World Dominators is quite invested in the Miniature Ancient World. Or have you reached a bottleneck and are trying to find a breakthrough here?"

"Both," Thousand Swords said, not bothering to hide this information. "What about you? Will Solar Temple really be fine letting its Honorary Elder come to the Miniature Ancient World?"

"I'm old. The Guild's youngsters are also becoming more and more talented with every subsequent generation, so I'm confident in leaving the Guild in their hands," Chiyang Tianhe said, chuckling. "Also, it honestly relieves me that World Dominators has withdrawn from Asura. Otherwise, fighting you is going to be a headache."

"Even if you don't have to fight me, you'll probably still be getting a headache in a moment," Thousand Swords said, curling his lips. He did not believe anything that Chiyang Tianhe had said about getting a headache from fighting him.

"Are you talking about Zero Wing's Black Flame?" Curiously, Chiyang Tianhe asked, "Is he very strong?"

"I don't know," Thousand Swords said, shaking his head. "I cannot see through his strength. However, since he managed to get even Hidden Soul to acknowledge him, I doubt he will be weaker than me."

"That little girl is indeed amazing. Despite never reaching Tier 6, her combat standard and techniques are in no way inferior to actual God-ranked experts. If Black Flame received that little girl's acknowledgment, he would be quite the interesting opponent to fight," Chiyang Tianhe said, nodding his head. Then, he looked toward a young woman and a middle-aged man standing nearby and continued, But I'm afraid Black Flame has made an unwise decision to come here this time. While I might not hold any personal opinions against Asura, the youngsters from the Flower of Seven Sins and Sacred Temple are unlikely to go easy on him."

Hearing this, Thousand Swords also turned to look at the young woman and middle-aged man without objecting to Chiyang Tianhe's comment.

Of the two people in question, the young woman was the Flower of Seven Sins' Death Omen, while the middle-aged man was Sacred Temple's Ruthless Sky.

In the case of Death Omen, she was the most talented female Assassin that had appeared in the Flower of Seven Sins in recent years. Even with his current strength, Thousand Swords would feel frightened when he imagined Death Omen coming after his life.

As for Sacred Temple's Ruthless Sky, aside from being the Gale Sword Meister, one of the Eight Sword Meisters in God's Domain, he was also an expert close to reaching the Domain Realm's third step. In the future, there was no doubt he would join the ranks of "old monsters."

With these two people here, even if Chiyang Tianhe abstained from taking action, Thousand Swords doubted that Shi Feng could beat either of them while inside the Crimson Demon Barrier. If the two of them worked together, Shi Feng would most likely fall.

This was why Thousand Swords had previously told Jing Yang that they were unlikely to enter the second underground level even if he worked with Shi Feng.

Just the fact that Solar Temple's Honorary Elder Chiyang Tianhe was guarding the second level's entrance already made this place an impenetrable fortress. On top of that, the place was even guarded by Death Omen, Ruthless Sky, and a force of 20,000 Refinement Realm experts or above.

While Thousand Swords and Chiyang Tianhe were happily conversing, a 100-man team suddenly appeared at the cavern's entrance. Along with the team's arrival, the players in the cavern couldn't help but turn their attention to the snowy-white wolf standing at the front of the team.

"It's Black Flame! Black Flame is here!"

"I thought the report just now was nothing but a joke. I really didn't expect that the Asura Mercenary Alliance would dare to come here."

"They probably don't know that the several great alliances have already joined forces. Black Flame must be feeling quite shocked right about now. In addition to three God-ranked experts, there are also 20,000 Refinement Realm experts guarding this place. Even if Black Flame says that he is only here to target the Flower of Seven Sins, the other powers in the alliance probably won't sit by and do nothing."

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The various powers' members grinned and snickered when they saw Asura's team appearing at the cavern's entrance, finding Asura's ignorance of the situation amusing.

The Asura Mercenary Alliance might have thought that it had the strength to go against the Flower of Seven Sins after Zero Wing's victory in Windy Sand Town, but the mercenary alliance had no idea just how powerful the Flower of Seven Sins actually was. Not to mention, Asura's opponent this time wasn't limited to just the Flower of Seven Sins. The mercenary alliance would also need to clash against the various superpowers that had joined forces with the Flower of Seven Sins.

"They're here?" Death Omen narrowed her eyes as she focused her gaze on a masked woman in Shi Feng's team. This masked woman was none other than Hidden Soul, the Sin of Pride's former commander. Then, Death Omen smiled as she said, "This time, I'll let you know how laughable your decision is."

Meanwhile, over at Shi Feng's team, Liu Wusheng and Galaxy Past revealed somber expressions on their faces when they saw the army of experts ahead of them.

"Why are there so many experts gathered here?"

"A Crimson Demon Barrier! This is probably something only the Five Great Super Guilds can take out. Moreover, why are the Flower of Seven Sins' and Five Great Super Guilds' members together? Did they join forces?"

Before making their way here, they had already heard rumors of the several great alliances joining forces to monopolize the Boundary Mountain Range's second underground level. However, they didn't think that the great alliances would act so quickly.

"God-ranked experts and a Crimson Demon Barrier... With this, nobody can enter the second underground level without permission from the several great alliances..." Zhuo Yalin said, an ugly expression forming on her face when she saw the army of Refinement Realm experts in front of her. At this moment, she even doubted that their team could leave this place safely.

It should be known that their team had passed by many of the several great alliances' experts on their way here. So long as the Flower of Seven Sins contacted these experts, they could launch a pincer attack on their team.

"Do we have to enter that place to search for clues relating to the Tier 4 promotion, Guild Leader Black Flame?" Shimmering Sword suddenly asked as she looked at the entrance at the other end of the cavern.

"It should be right there." Shi Feng nodded.

"In that case, leave it to me to break through here," Shimmering Sword said as she jumped off her Mount and approached the Crimson Demon Barrier.

"Are you insane, Commander Shimmer?" Liu Wusheng was stunned when he saw Shimmering Sword walking forward by herself. Hurriedly, he said, "That's not a place you can go by yourself!"

Although Shimmering Sword had reached Level 120 already, the advantages she had in Basic Attributes would be mitigated under the effects of the Crimson Demon Barrier.

"You don't need to worry, Elder Liu," Kasio, the three-meter-tall middle-aged man from Glimmer, said with a casual smile. "The commander can handle a battle of this degree all by herself."

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