Chapter 221 - Boundary Mountain Range
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 221 - Boundary Mountain Range

The Boundary Mountain Range consisted of a series of snow-white mountains that spanned the entire Miniature Ancient World. The mountain range was shrouded in space-time rifts all year round, and even Tier 4 Mythic monsters with the ability to fly did not dare to approach the mountain range's airspace.

If players wished to cross the Boundary Mountain Range, they could only do so via the pathways inside the mountain range.

Even so, these seemingly safer pathways were by no means safe as many Void Creatures inhabited them. No single party of players could survive inside the mountain range on its own.

Currently, though, these monster-infested pathways had become a popular grinding spot for the teams of the Miniature Ancient World's various powers.

"Ranged DPS, quickly get rid of those Void Larvae! Do not let them get close to our frontline! Otherwise, their Mana Explosions will wipe out our MTs!" a Level 109 young man wearing World Dominators' Guild Emblem shouted. "MTs, activate your Damage Reduction Skills! The Void Devourers are coming!"

At this time, several hundred Level 113 Great Lord ranked Void Larvae and several dozen Level 114 Grand Lord ranked Void Devourers could be seen charging at World Dominators' team.

Of the two types of monsters, the Void Devourers were translucent beasts that corroded and plundered all life from their surroundings with their presence alone. If a Tier 3 expert without sufficiently high Magic Resistance got within twenty meters of a Void Devourer, it wouldn't take more than five seconds before they died from corrosion.

However, after World Dominators' 30-plus MTs activated their respective Tier 3 Damage Reduction Skills, they managed to hold their ground against the Void Devourers and prevent the monsters from getting anywhere close to the team's rear line.

As for the Void Larvae flying in mid-air, they were warded off by the team's ranged DPS. Any Void Larvae that tried to get close to the team's MTs would be either repelled by attacks or restrained by Skills and Spells. The precision and coordination World Dominators' members showed far exceeded what the average expert could achieve.

In less than twenty minutes, World Dominators' team had managed to eliminate all of the several hundred Void Larvae and several dozen Void Devourers. World Dominators' team's performance stunned the other teams that were passing by.

"As expected of a Super Guild's team. Even though we are all Refinement Realm experts, they are much stronger than us. It feels like every one of them is close to reaching the Flowing Water Realm."

"I know, right? Thank goodness we joined World Dominators' alliance. With World Dominators' and Blackwater's teams taking the lead, we can level up much more safely."

"The teams that chose to stick with Asura are probably feeling miserable right about now. Without the two Super Guilds' protection, they can't even enter the Boundary Mountain Range's first underground level."

The various powers' teams began a hushed discussion among themselves when they saw World Domaintors' team concluding its battle with relative ease.

The changes that took place in the Asura Mercenary Alliance were too sudden. Originally, they thought they could continue leeching off Asura's contribution system for a little longer. However, after Asura had abruptly declared an all-out war on the Flower of Seven Sins, they had no choice but to leave the mercenary alliance ahead of time.

As players' levels increased, the various superpowers' advantages would become more and more prominent. This was naturally also the case for the Flower of Seven Sins. So, the Asura Mercenary Alliance's decision to go against God's Domain's number one assassin organization was no different than suicide.

While the various powers' teams were holding their discussions, a young and beautiful girl in World Dominators' team approached the young man leading the team at the front. Then, in an excited tone, she said, "A message just came in from Teacher, Commander! He wants the two of us to gather at the second underground level's entrance as soon as possible! Teacher has secured two slots for us in the exploration team this time, so we can also fight for the first wave of Tier 4 promotion opportunities!"

"We're getting a chance as well?" Gu Yiren, the young man, clenched his fists excitedly when he heard the news. The next moment, though, he gnashed his teeth in frustration and said, "If it weren't for Zero Wing, we would have never had to get Teacher to help us with this matter!"

"It couldn't be helped," Tao Yuwei said, sighing when she recalled their current situation. Because of their failure to annihilate Mysterious Moon, they were forced to settle in a second-tier team. Now, they even had to rely on their teacher to secure them a chance to get promoted to Tier 4. They would have never needed to resort to such a method if it were in the past. "Zero Wing was just too strong back then. Even our entire Guild couldn't do anything against Zero Wing, let alone the two of us.

"However, now that Zero Wing has chosen to thoroughly make an enemy out of the Flower of Seven Sins, it won't be long before Zero Wing and Asura meet their doom."

"Yes, you're right." Gu Yiren nodded, his mood becoming much better after hearing Tao Yuwei's words.

Although Gu Yiren had thought of getting revenge on Zero Wing, he could never think of a way since Zero Wing's Black Flame simply wasn't an opponent he could go up against right now. Fortunately, Black Flame had decided to thoroughly offend the Flower of Seven Sins.

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It should be known that all seven of the Flower of Seven Sins' seven commanders were Tier 6 God-ranked experts. Meanwhile, the organization had dispatched three of its commanders to the Miniature Ancient World to ensure its advantage in the struggle for the Boundary Mountain Range.

Thus, it was utterly foolish for Zero Wing to make an enemy out of the Flower of Seven Sins while having only one God-ranked expert under its command.

Just as Gu Yiren was about to have his team advance to the second underground level's entrance, a 100-man team of mounted players sped past his team. Among these 100 players, the player in the lead rode on a snowy-white three-tailed giant wolf that was seven meters tall.

"That Mount... Is that Black Flame?" Gu Yiren wondered when he saw the familiar giant wolf disappearing into the distance.

"That giant wolf should be the Thunder Wolf. It had caused quite the sensation when it first appeared in hundred Flow City. Only Black Flame is known to have a Thunder Wolf, so that person should be Black Flame," Tao Yuwei said, affirming Gu Yiren's guess. "But why would Black Flame be heading in that direction? Did he also learn about the news regarding the second underground level, so he has decided to enter the second level as well?"

"Black Flame! I didn't think he would dare to come here!" Gu Yiren suddenly smiled. "I thought I would never get a chance to have my revenge. Since he has decided to send himself to my doorsteps, I'll gladly take this opportunity!"

After saying so, Gu Yiren had Tao Yuwei spread the news of Black Flame appearing in the Boundary Mountain Range's first underground level. He also made sure to inform the Flower of Seven Sins about this.

Subsequently, news of Shi Feng leading a team into the Boundary Mountain Range quickly spread across the entire first underground level.

Boundary Mountain Range, second underground level's entrance:

"Who does Black Flame think he is? Just because he is a God-ranked expert, he thinks he can barge into the Boundary Mountain Range with only so few experts?" Jing Yang couldn't help but laugh when he read the report he had just received. Then, he turned to look at the various great alliances' army of experts gathered in front of him and continued, "I wonder how much he'll regret his actions when he reaches here?"

Not long ago, the several great alliances had thoroughly blocked off the second underground level's entrance. Even after Blackwater and World Dominators had joined forces, they had only managed to secure one hundred slots to enter the second underground level. As for the other superpowers, some didn't even manage to secure ten slots for themselves.

Meanwhile, to ensure that nobody could sneak into the second underground level, the several great alliances had dispatched a total of 20,000 Refinement Realm experts to guard the second level's entrance at all times. Moreover, as many as three God-ranked experts were tasked with leading this army. Among them, one of them was even Death Omen, the commander of the Flower of Seven Sins' Sin of Pride.

Faced against a force of three God-ranked experts and 20,000 Refinement Realm experts and above, even World Dominators' almighty Great Elder Thousand Swords dared not act rashly. All he could do was grit his teeth and accept the several great alliances' arrangements, leading only a 100-man team into the second underground level.

As for Black Flame, he wouldn't have such luck even if he came here!

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