Chapter 223 - A Goddess Appears
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Glimmering Sword -> Shimmering Sword (Laura Crader's nickname/ID)

"All by herself?"

Liu Wusheng looked at the three-meter-tall man standing in front of him in confusion. If he couldn't see that Kasio was similarly Level 120 and feel the frightening pressure the other party radiated, he would have absolutely thought that Kasio was joking with him.

Setting the 20,000 Refinement Realm experts aside, just the presence of the three God-ranked experts and the Crimson Demon Barrier was already enough to elevate the defenses of this place to the level of a fortress.

Not to mention, due to the Boundary Mountain Range's environment, players would expend Stamina and Concentration much quicker. The destructive power of all Skills and Spells would also be severely weakened. While subjected to these penalties, even a God-ranked expert would die from exhaustion if they tried to fight against a force of 1,000 Refinement Realm experts.

"Let's trust in Commander Shimmer, Elder Liu," Shi Feng said after thinking it over.

Shi Feng was honestly curious to see how strong Laura Crader was. After all, he had never heard of this name before. Yet, judging by Laura's achievements in Slumber City, it didn't make sense that he had never heard of her when Wordless Ember and Sleeping Quicksand had spread their names across the entire Greater God's Domain.

Since Laura was willing to take action, Shi Feng naturally welcomed it.

Even if Laura ended up not being a match for the enemies, Shi Feng still had the strength to resist the Flower of Seven Sins.

Liu Wusheng stopped speaking after hearing Shi Feng's words. It didn't matter whether they attacked as a team or sent only one person, anyway. Nothing would change with how many powerful enemies they faced.

Meanwhile, Hidden Soul, Crimson Heart, Gentle Snow, Lin Yaoyue, Su Qianliu, and Rampant Blade couldn't help but focus their minds as they watched Laura walking into the distance.

If it was before they had entered the Stratified Abyssal Realm, none of them would believe that a single person could go up against the powerful army before them.

However, after experiencing the Stratified Abyssal Realm, they felt that if it was Laura Crader, the person publicly acknowledged as Slumber City's number one expert many years ago, it might just be possible to accomplish this impossible feat. After all, despite how powerful Solitary Soul, the Death Curse adventurer team's commander, had shown himself to be, he had merely gained the qualifications to challenge Laura. Moreover, that was the Laura Crader of several years ago.

Currently, aside from the Glimmer adventurer team's several vice commanders, probably nobody else knew how strong Slumber City's number one expert was currently.

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Now that they had the opportunity to witness Laura in action, they could use this opportunity to gauge how powerful she was exactly.

The Boundary Mountain Range was battered by snowstorms all year round. Even the tunnels underneath the mountain range constantly had freezing winds billowing in them.

As her long, light-blue hair fluttered along with these howling winds, Laura took a deep breath and fixed her gaze on the Crimson Demon Barrier situated a thousand yards away from her. Then, she took a step forward and vanished, leaving behind an afterimage as she charged at the distant barrier like a lightning bolt.

What speed! Galaxy Past was stunned when he saw that Laura had already disappeared from her original location.

Galaxy Past used to be a Tier 5 expert. Even if he was now only at Tier 3, his five senses were so sensitive that he could perceive the movements of Tier 4 Mythic monsters with perfect clarity. Yet, now, none of his senses could keep up with Laura's movements…

Meanwhile, inside the Crimson Demon Barrier, the several great alliances' members laughed when they saw a lone figure suddenly approaching their direction.

"Why is that woman walking over by herself? Don't tell me she got scared and is here to surrender?"

"That woman sure is pretty. She can definitely give those publicly acknowledged goddesses a run for their money. It's a pity that she's with the Asura Mercenary Alliance. Even if she comes over to surrender, I doubt the people from the Flower of Seven Sins will spare her."

Nobody was surprised to see the Asura Mercenary Alliance's team halting their advance. After all, anybody who saw their formation would be scared witless.

What they did not expect was for Asura's team to send only one player over. After all, this could only mean one of two things. Either Asura was trying to negotiate or surrender.

However, so long as Asura's team wasn't made up of idiots, they would understand that any negotiations would be futile. In that case, it could only mean that Asura was planning to surrender. After all, this was the only way Asura's team could safely leave the Boundary Mountain Range. Otherwise, death would be the only outcome that awaited the team.

"Foolish! Do they think they can still surrender after all this time?" Death Omen revealed a contemptuous expression as she looked at the approaching Laura Crader. "Wolf, head over with a team and kill her!"

"Understood!" Summer Wolf responded. Then, he quickly organized a team of thirty Flower of Seven Sins core members. In the Boundary Mountain Range, such a team was more than enough to kill a God-ranked expert.

However, before Summer Wolf and his chosen teammates could get on their Mounts, Laura Crader suddenly vanished from everyone's vision, leaving behind only an afterimage and a streak of flowing light.

A God-ranked expert? Death Omen's eyes narrowed, a wary expression appearing on her face. The only players who could move so quickly at Tier 3 that they could escape her senses were God-ranked experts adept at footwork and nobody else.

It seems I have underestimated Asura, Thousand Swords thought to himself, a hint of surprise flashing in his eyes when he saw Laura Crader disappearing. I didn't think there would be another God-ranked expert hidden in Asura. With her level of footwork, few from even the Five Great Super Guilds could match her.

During the brief moment everyone was in a daze, Laura Crader had reappeared above the Crimson Demon Barrier, her light-blue longsword giving off a dazzling glow that brightly illuminated the entire cavern.

"What is she trying to do?"

"Is she trying to attack the Crimson Demon Barrier?"

"Is she trying to make a desperate attempt? The Crimson Demon Barrier can withstand several hundred attacks from even a Mythic monster on the outside. She will only be wasting her Stamina by attacking the barrier."

When the several great alliances' members saw Laura seemingly launching an attack on the Crimson Demon Barrier, they couldn't help but feel that the woman had a few screws loose in her head. After all, rather than utilize her astonishing speed to flee out of the Boundary Mountain Range, Laura was attacking the Crimson Demon Barrier instead. Such an action was beyond foolish.

The next moment, a ray of light, which moved so fast that nobody could react, landed on the Crimson Demon Barrier.


Followed by a crisp sound echoing throughout the cavern, a hole the size of a thumb had appeared on the Crimson Demon Barrier. Meanwhile, following this small hole's appearance, cracks began forming all over the barrier.

Subsequently, accompanied by the sound of shattering glass, the entire barrier broke apart into countless particles of light that scattered across the ground.

Meanwhile, before anyone knew it, Laura Crader had already appeared next to the second underground level's entrance, her longsword back in its sheath. At this time, as if time had stopped moving, the whole world fell silent…

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