Chapter 2160 - Bai Zhongsheng, The Monk, Part Two
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2160 - Bai Zhongsheng, The Monk, Part Two

Bai Zhongsheng spoke at a steady pace. His voice was not loud, yet for some reason, everyone at the scene could hear him clearly, including the Rulers of Dao and the mysterious existences who were watching the battle.

They had finally collected their thoughts.

"How is this possible? How is Qin Nan the reincarnation of Zhou Di, a Supreme Highness!"

"As I thought, as I thought, there's no way the Eternal Indestructible Flesh would be destroyed so easily!" 

"It has been so many years. A Supreme Highness has finally returned to the Primary Upper Realm!"

Voices filled with astonishment echoed between the Heavens and Earth.

They could not find any words to describe their feelings.

"The whole Primary Upper Realm would be left in astonishment in no time. The Rulers of Dao who are in a deep slumber and Eternal Night Heaven Highness would be startled too! What happened today will also mark the start of a new era!" a Ruler of Dao in the Void Heaven Realm gasped.

Meanwhile, Master Shangjian's eyes were still empty. He kept recalling the words he said a few moments ago.

"Aren't you the reincarnation of the good-for-nothing son of a Supreme Highness..."

"Are you hoping to be saved by someone like him..."

"Not only am I going to make her kneel before me, I'll make you all drop to your knees too..."

Was he really trying to make the reincarnation of a Supreme Highness kneel before him?

Demon Emperor Wutian wore a disdainful look when he saw everyone's reaction, "It took them so long just to realize what's going on."

Moxie nodded. He said with a strange expression, "Most importantly, they have completely forgotten about Bai Zhongsheng who is still reading the scriptures."

The lord of the City of Darkness fixed his eyes on Bai Zhongsheng. He was intrigued by Moxie's comment. He wanted to see what kind of a devil the man with a gentle smile who was reading the Buddhism scriptures was.

His eyes suddenly widened.

Bai Zhongsheng was on the move.

However, unlike what the lord of the City of Darkness had imagined, Bai Zhongsheng did not unleash a formidable aura, nor was he moving at a shocking pace. He was merely walking toward the enemy at a steady pace while reading the scriptures.

A Master of Dao who was the closest to him felt a great chill running down his spine. He immediately collected his thoughts and reacted by following his instinct. He quickly executed the Art of Dao Seeking.

However, his eyes were brimming with fear in the following second.

He could no longer move, nor could he unleash his Divine Sense or utilize the power of his soul!

In other words, even though he had activated the Art of Dao Seeking in his body, he was unable to execute any moves.

"It is wise to abide by the rules to improve yourself," Bai Zhongsheng read the scriptures with a smile as he raised his sword and stabbed the man's dantian.

A piercing pain flowed within the Master of Dao's mind. His face turned pale as he cried out in pain, yet he was not making any sound.

"It is rare for someone to pursue power and virtue without seeking for a partner," Bai Zhongsheng severed the Master of Dao's left hand and right arm.

"Let virtue take roots, and the rules of Buddhism will spread like a sea," the glow Bai Zhongsheng was emitting grew stronger. It was peaceful and calm. Meanwhile, his sword stabbed the Master of Dao in the heart. 

The pain escalated further. The Master of Dao's face contorted.

However, he did not die right away. His life was being drained away at an incredibly slow rate. The pain he was suffering from increased gradually too. It was like a terrifying hand was tightening around him to pinch him to death.

"Bai Zhongsheng is making his move!"

The Masters of Dao finally collected their thoughts.

"Fellow cultivators, now is not the time to panic. Qin Nan might be the reincarnation of a Supreme Highness, but he's only a peak Nine Heavens Supreme now!"

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"Besides, it's only Bai Zhongsheng on his side!"

"Bai Zhongsheng's cultivation is only in the half-Master of Dao Realm. We can defeat him together!" Extreme Dao Master said.

"He's right, if we can kill Bai Zhongsheng, we will be able to suppress Qin Nan and Empress Feiyue and obtain the secrets of a Supreme Highness and the Art of Ten Lifetimes!"

Master Shangjian collected his thoughts too. His eyes were filled with excitement and greed.

If he could get his hands on both of them, he would be able to overcome the deadlock that had remained for over ten thousand years and become the strongest Heaven Highness. 

"The secrets of a Supreme Highness!"

The words immediately set everyone's heart on fire. They shared the same expression as Master Shangjian.

It was most likely the great opportunity they would ever have in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm!

"Come, time to go to the Battlefield of Aeon!"

Even the Rulers of Dao who were far away could not sit back. They unleashed formidable auras and entered the rift.


A series of shocking roars occurred in the Battlefield of Aeon.

Many terrifying existences were making their way toward the seventh forbidden area.

The lord of the City of Darkness said, "Moxie, Qin Nan has revealed his identity. Many authorities are already on the move! If we don't bring Qin Nan away now, I'm afraid..."

Even he shuddered when he imagined what was going to happen.

Moxie said with a disdainful look, "You're overthinking it. Don't you worry about it. Do you think Bai Zhongsheng didn't realize how much attention Qin Nan will attract after his identity is exposed? Do you think he came here alone?"

The lord of the City of Darkness was startled, "There are others too? Didn't Xiang Hun already betray Qin Nan? Apart from a few, Zhou Di's men have all died in the battle too. Could it be..."

Moxie waved his hand and said, "It's none of your business. All I can tell you is, even if Eternal Night Heaven Highness is here, it won't make much of a difference. Just watch how that devil is going to kill them all."

The center of the seventh forbidden area had turned into a zone of death.

Ancient formations with formidable power scattered across the sky. The Masters of Dao of over twenty formidable factions came from all directions and gathered at the center.

Bai Zhongsheng seemed vulnerable on his own. He was like a little raft that would soon be knocked over by the waves at any second.

"I've sworn to master the way of Buddhism. I shall turn all fear into peace." 

Bai Zhongsheng smiled as the sound of something crackling occurred in his body, as if layers of seals were being lifted.

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