Chapter 2159 - Bai Zhongsheng, The Monk, Part One
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2159 - Bai Zhongsheng, The Monk, Part One

"It's really him, the First Immortal, Bai Zhongsheng!"

Moxie, Demon Emperor Wutian, the Rulers of Dao, and the mysterious existences lost their calm, let alone Master Shangjian, Extreme Dao Master, and the others.

Even though many did not understand why so many formidable factions and authorities were afraid of the Ten Immortals when only four of them had reached the half-Ruler of Dao Realm while the others were only Masters of Dao, but those who were involved in the Battle of the Masters knew the actual reason behind it.

Each of the Ten Immortals had outstanding talents. If they were only focusing on improving their cultivation, they could have become great Heaven Highnesses during the era of the four Supreme Highnesses.

However, they chose to bear the titles of the Ten Immortals and become a unique existence to protect a great secret.

Bai Zhongsheng had always been the leader of the Immortals from the day he became one of the Immortals. No one had ever threatened his place until the ancient battle ended.

Most importantly, Bai Zhongsheng was Zhou Di's most trusted subordinate in the past. Zhou Di had passed on all his secrets and knowledge to Bai Zhongsheng after the battle, including the whereabouts of the Undying Cycle Mountain which contained the secrets that many authorities were after!

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"Hang on, something isn't right! Bai Zhongsheng greatly despised Zhou Xiao in the past. He did not even help Zhou Xiao when he was in danger even though he was not far away. He remained a bystander instead!"

"Besides, many factions tried to recruit him when he became the First Immortal, yet he had sworn on the spot that he would only acknowledge Zhou Di as his master! Why would he come and help Qin Nan despite the risk of exposing the Undying Cycle Mountain and even call him his master?"

"Does this mean..."

A shocking thought crossed their mind.

What if Qin Nan's past life was Zhou Di, one of the four Supreme Highnesses instead?

"Moxie, what is this? Isn't Qin Nan the reincarnation of our master?"

The lord of the City of Darkness collected his thoughts and let out an angry groan.

"Master, I..."

Demon Emperor Wutian's eyes widened too.

He was more familiar with what happened in the past than anyone else. He already realized Qin Nan was Zhou Xiao's reincarnation the moment Bai Zhongsheng showed up!

"Qin Nan has the True Will of the Immortal Demon, something that even Zhou Di couldn't claim for himself. Our master is the only one that can possess it!"

Moxie's eyes glittered as he collected his thoughts. He exclaimed in excitement, "It must be part of master's plan. He has purposely chosen Zhou Di's reincarnation as his reincarnation. He's planning to take away everything that Zhou Di has!"

"If master's plan worked, he would claim the Eternal Indestructible Flesh, the Undying Cycle Mountain, and the mysterious pattern. He's going to rule over the Primary Upper Realm!" 

The lord of the City of Darkness and Demon Emperor Wutian's heart pounded heavily.

Meanwhile, the battlefield was deadly silent.

Bai Zhongsheng lifted his gaze. His eyes flickered.

All the years he had waited were not in vain.

"My master, what is it that you want me to do? Please tell me," Bai Zhongsheng said respectfully after calming his thoughts.

"Lend Empress Feiyue a hand and help her achieve the Ruler Realm!"

Qin Nan stared at Master Shangjian, Extreme Dao Master, and the Masters of Dao with bloodshot eyes as if he had turned into a demon. He added, "As for those who are trying to kill Empress Feiyue..."

"Kill them all!"

The people who served Eternal Night Heaven Highness?

The old Patriarchs of the ancient tribes?

The old Patriarchs of the formidable factions?

Everyone who dared to hurt Empress Feiyue deserved to die regardless of their identities and background!

"Your wish is my command!"

Bai Zhongsheng did not frown or advise Qin Nan. He let out a deafening roar and bowed at Qin Nan after rising to his feet. He looked at Empress Feiyue and flicked his finger.

A pure immortal force that was several times stronger than the power of the Ceramic Glaze Heavenly Rivers poured into Empress Feiyue's body. 

The immortal force also possessed great rejuvenating power. Empress Feiyue's wounds began to heal at an insane rate. Her face was no longer pale too.

Her aura began to rise rapidly.

"Haotian, my master is here. Isn't it time for you to break the rules?" Bai Zhongsheng said.


A shocking explosion took place. A strong battle intent flew at Empress Feiyue like an ancient golden dragon. She was soon surrounded by vigorous ripples with the power of the Rules.

Its power greatly differed from the one Empress Feiyue had received when the battle began.

The Supreme Haotian Badge was manipulated by the experts when the ancient battle in the past ended. It would sustain great damage whenever it tried to break the rules.

That being said, how could it not side with its master now that he had shown up?

The only regret it had was not being able to fight alongside its master!

"Feiyue, that's all the help I can give you. The key to achieving the Ruler Realm is still in your hands," Bai Zhongsheng said.

"I understand," Empress Feiyue nodded. She then fixed her eyes on Qin Nan.

She was supposed to be angry at Qin Nan for showing up and exposing his true identity after revealing his trump card, yet her heart was filled with indescribable warmth.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She sat on the ground with her legs crossed and began to comprehend the secrets of the Ruler Realm.

She could not afford to let Qin Nan, Master Shehuang, and the people who came to help her down. She must take hold of the opportunity to achieve the Ruler Realm!

Bai Zhongsheng looked at Master Shangjian, Extreme Dao Master, and the rest of the Masters of Dao with a gentle smile.

He did not make his move. He looked at the scriptures in his hand and started murmuring. He was soon encapsulated by wisps of Bodhi glow like a humble monk.

"He's reading the scriptures!"

Demon Emperor Wutian's eyes widened as his hair stood on its end. The excitement surging in his heart vanished instantly.

"Does the First Immortal practice Buddhism?" the lord of the City of Darkness asked. He was not familiar with the past.

"Practice Buddhism? Hah, just you watch. You will soon learn what a real dmeon is!" Moxie said with a cold grin.

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