Chapter 2158 - Battle of the Empress, Part Fourteen
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2158 - Battle of the Empress, Part Fourteen

"Qin Nan? Isn't he Zhou Xiao's reincarnation?"

"Didn't they say he went to the Dao Seeking Land? Was it just a rumor?"

The Rulers of Dao were startled.

The terrifying existences in the Battlefield of Aeon shared the same reaction. However, they did not know who Qin Nan was. They just did not expect a Nine Heavens Supreme to show up in the middle of the battle. Was he asking for his death?

"Holy crap!"

The others assumed Qin Nan did not visit the Dao Seeking Land recently, but Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli thought otherwise. 

How did the kid show up here?

Did he cross the Westernmost Land? 

"Little husband, how did you..."

Meanwhile, Master Rudao was supposed to be a little angry, yet somehow, she was smiling instead.

Qin Nan might be extremely weak in others' eyes, but he was shining brightly in hers.

It was the man she loved!

Empress Feiyue also opened her eyes when she noticed something. Her blue eyes flickered when she saw the familiar figure.

"What are you doing here? This is my own business. I don't need your help. Leave at once!" Empress Feiyue said sternly in addition to her cold voice.

She almost knew everything about Qin Nan, including the trump cards he had. She knew that he could not afford to use his final trump card, as the consequences of exposing his true identity were unimaginable.

She understood that if she asked Qin Nan for help, he would not hesitate to do so. However, she did not want to involve anyone else, especially him.

"Rudao, take him and leave this place at once. Don't let him do anything reckless!" Feiyue transmitted her voice.

"Feiyue, I'm sorry, I'm only a little concubine. How could I possibly interfere with my husband's decision?" Rudao replied. 

"HAHAHA, I was wondering who it was. Aren't you the reincarnation of that good-for-nothing son of a Supreme Highness?" Master Shangjian, Extreme Dao Master, and the rest of the authorities wore a disdainful look upon collecting their thoughts.

"Oh Feiyue, you are supposed to be the strongest Master of Dao, yet you are hoping he could save you instead?" Master Shangjian mocked.

He did not see Qin Nan as a threat. More than half of the people under Zhou Di's command had fallen. Among the Immortals, the First Immortal did not acknowledge Zhou Xiao as Zhou Di's successor. The Divine God of Battle was gone too, and the Sixth Immortal had betrayed Qin Nan. 

Even if Qin Nan had Zhou Xiao's memory, what difference could he make against more than twenty formidable factions?

Besides, he was only a peak Nine Heavens Supreme!

Meanwhile, Qin Nan had ignored Empress Feiyue's order and the disdainful reaction from the others. He simply fixed his gaze on Master Shangjian, "I'll ask one more time. Did you ask her to kneel in front of you?"

Master Shangjian did not treat Qin Nan's murderous aura seriously. He scoffed with a cold grin, "That's right! I want her to kneel before me, but I've changed my mind. I want you all to kneel in front of me too!"

A formidable aura burst out of his body.

Wuzhu, Yi Shi, Cheng Mu, and the others let out a sigh. Qin Nan was being too stubborn. They were unable to change his mind no matter what they said.

Qin Nan was soon going to pay for his reckless actions.

"He's being too reckless trying to do anything under the circumstances. He would never turn the tables around at this rate! Forget it, let's get ready. We only need to save master's life. We won't have to worry about Empress Feiyue and the others."

Moxie shook his head and told his men. A strong demonic aura rose around him.

"Qin Nan, don't..."

Empress Feiyue was the only one who knew what Qin Nan was going to do.

Everything suddenly slowed down as if the whole place had frozen.

Qin Nan turned around and looked at Empress Feiyue in the eyes. He said, "You have stood in front of me many times. Now, it's my turn to stand in front of you to clear the path for you."

Following it, he unleashed the anger in his chest.

"Seal of the Divine God of Battle, activate!"


A blinding blue light burst out of Qin Nan's body and soared into the sky. It soon spread across the seventh forbidden area.

The manipulated rules of the seventh forbidden area changed once again. Every corner was filled with an ancient battle intent.

Drums were rolling in the distance. The sky and the ground shook vigorously.

"What's going on?"

Master Shangjian, Extreme Dao Master, the Rulers of Dao, the mysterious existences, Moxie, Demon Emperor Wutian, and everyone else were astounded.

How did Qin Nan trigger such a terrifying rare phenomenon?

Following it, they saw a middle-aged man in a rugged armor with an ancient sword in his right hand and a scroll of scriptures in his left.

He was not emitting any aura, yet the ground would shake whenever he took a step forward. The rift was filled with chaos too.

"Isn't he..."

Moxie, Demon Emperor Wutian, and the ancient existences were dumbfounded.

"That man..."

The Rulers of Dao, the terrifying existences in the Battlefield of Aeon, and others in the Master Realm shuddered.


Master Shangjian, Extreme Dao Master, the peak Masters of Dao, and those who were familiar with the things that happened in the past were astounded.

The middle-aged man simply ignored them. He walked up to Qin Nan and dropped to his knee without any hesitation.

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"Master, your humble servant, Bai Zhongsheng is at your service!"

The kneel and the words swept across the sky like a deafening thunder.

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