Chapter 2157 - Battle of the Empress, Part Thirteen
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2157 - Battle of the Empress, Part Thirteen

A formidable force swept at the Masters of Dao within a few tens of thousand li at a shocking pace like an enraged heavenly river. Wisps of powerful will started exploding in it. 

The Masters of Dao tried to defend themselves in a panic.

Those who were closer with a weaker cultivation did not last for more than three seconds. They cried out in pain as they were crushed by the force.

Even peak Masters of Dao would sustain great injuries from it.

The Sky Taihuang Destruction Art was one of the two forbidden arts of the Sky Taihuang Sect. It required a cultivator to sacrifice their soul and flesh. The power it could unleash was unusually terrifying.

The eyes of Empress Feiyue who were expressionless even when she was facing the will of a Heaven Highness widened slightly.

Countless images crossed her mind.

"Feiyue, I don't have much time left. Why would I wait for my death instead of doing something meaningful?"

"Feiyue, even though you have never fallen in love with me, but I will stay by your side whether I'm alive or not!"

The other Masters of Dao and Xu Xiangsheng unleashed shocking auras to break free from the gate and flew toward Empress Feiyue.

"HAHAHA, how touching!" Master Shangjian burst out laughing. He had already changed his mind.

He was surprised by Empress Feiyue's slight reaction when Master Shehuang detonated himself.

It turned out that she was not emotionless after all.

If so, he would kill the rest of the people on her side first!


The center of the battlefield had turned into a massacre.

Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, the peak Masters of Dao, and the rest swiftly gathered at the center to surround Empress Feiyue and her men.

Countless Dao Arts and Master Arts poured down at them like a great storm.

Empress Feiyue and her men used all they had to nullify the attacks, yet the enemies' number was just too overwhelming for them to handle.

Empress Feiyue's white dress was soon dyed red.

Many Masters of Dao on her side had already fallen. The rest were severely injured who were grasping onto their last breath.

Xu Xiangshen had lost his left arm too.

Countless runes began to appear around them. The Masters of Dao of the formidable factions gathered again to construct powerful formations.

"The coming to an end," the others thought when they saw what was going on. 

The rogue cultivators who were merely bystanders fell silent.

The woman whom they had admired and respected over a few thousand years would soon fall. They did not feel great about it. 

"Feiyue, do as I say, I'll help you escape..."

A voice spoke in Feiyue's mind. It was Rudao who did not show up until now. 

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She was not Feiyue's friend, but she knew her little husband see Feiyue as someone very important. When she knew Empress Feiyue had triggered the Battle of the Masters, she decided to make some preparations.

Empress Feiyue was doomed to lose the battle. Rudao's help was not going to make any difference, thus she decided to save Empress Feiyue instead.

"That won't be necessary, I'll leave him in your hands."

Empress Feiyue interrupted before Rudao could finish. She looked at the figures surrounding her. Her eyes had some other emotion again, but it was determination instead of fear.


She soared into the sky and gathered an overwhelming will in the form of a sword intent.

The formations above her immediately unleashed overwhelming energy as powerful attacks burst out of them and landed on the sword intent.

Empress Feiyue groaned. She was knocked back forcibly by the impact. Her injuries worsened too.

However, she completely ignored them. She unleashed another sword intent.

"HAHAHA, Feiyue, are you seriously not giving up yet?" Master Shangjian burst out laughing. He was extremely pleased with himself.

The scene which he had imagined countless times was finally happening.

"Shangjian, we shouldn't waste our time any longer. Let's take her down so we can claim her Art of Ten Lifetimes," Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, and the others said.

"No, just give me five more seconds!"

Master Shangjian floated in the sky and looked down at Empress Feiyue. His face was full of disdain, "Feiyue, have you ever thought this day will come? I shall now pay you back ten times the humiliation that you've given me. On your knees!"

He took out a fragmented Heaven Highness Weapon while unleashing the full potential of the Art of Dao Seeking in his body.

He was going to force the strongest immortal over the past five thousand years who was also a great legend in the Primary Upper Realm to kneel before him in front of everyone.

"Not on my watch!" Xu Xiangsheng yelled as he noticed what Master Shangjian was up to.

However, he could no longer stop it no matter how angry he was.

Empress Feiyue closed her eyes. An Art of Dao Seeking which she had not used for a long time was activated.

She still had her final resort. She too was a disciple of the Sky Taihuang Sect, thus she had also learned the Sky Taihuang Destruction Art!

In the nick of time, wisps of gray light appeared in front of Empress Feiyue and her men and constructed a formation.

A figure slowly walked out from it, followed by a menacing aura.

"Were you asking her to fall on her knees?" a sinister voice echoed between the Heavens and Earth.

"Someone else has come?"

The Masters of Dao were startled.

The figure soon cleared up in front of the crowd.

"Aren't you...Qin Nan?"

The face of the Masters of Dao were was filled with disbelief.

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