Chapter 2156 - Battle of the Empress, Part Twelve
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2156 - Battle of the Empress, Part Twelve

The explosions, martial intents that were surging wildly, and the lights had disappeared.

The people only felt a strong sense of death and fear from the mysterious darkness.

The terrifying existences and Rulers of Dao quickly reacted. They tried to see through the darkness with different methods.

However, they soon gasped.

The darkness was only unleashed by a wisp of Eternal Night Heaven Highness' will, yet they were unable to see through it.

The situation lasted for around thirty breaths before an ancient chime echoed in the seventh forbidden area. A series of golden rays penetrated the darkness like immortal swords.

A few moments later, everything returned to normal. The Supreme Haotian Badge retained its imperious aura.

"What happened?"

However, no one was watching it. Everyone had fixed their gaze at the center of the battlefield.

The cultivators were startled following a quick glance.

Empress Feiyue was floating in the air. Her hair and white dress were drifting in the wind.

"How is this possible? She actually blocked it without sustaining any injuries?"

Master Shangjian was dumbfounded. A familiar feeling rose in his heart.

There were many occasions when he thought he could defeat Empress Feiyue and claim many successions and fortunate encounters after killing her, yet he always lost miserably in the end.

Was it the same this time?

However, as he began to panic, Empress Feiyue's face gradually turned pale. The overwhelming aura she was emitting dropped rapidly. It was soon weaker than her aura when she did not activate the Flesh of Ten Lifetimes.

Under normal circumstances, the Flesh of Ten Lifetimes was supposed to last for at least a hundred breaths, but she had almost expended all the Force of Ten Lifetimes just to defend herself. 

Her strength had weakened, yet it was only the beginning. It was going to drop further soon.

"HAHAHA, as I thought, how is it possible that she is completely unharmed!"

Master Shangjian immediately burst out laughing.

"Feiyue, I must admit that you have given me a huge surprise. You have managed to overcome our patriarch's Rule of Darkness. However, it's all over! Fellow cultivators, Empress Feiyue is already at her limit. Let's take hold of this opportunity to defeat her and take her art!" Master Shangjian yelled enthusiastically.

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"Defeat her!"

Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, and the authorities yelled as they focused their attention on Empress Feiyue and attacked her.

The battle had begun again!

"Empress Feiyue is going to lose this time."

"(Sigh), she might have a chance if Eternal Night Heaven Highness didn't interfere with the battle," the terrifying existences and the Rulers of Dao exclaimed.

Those who did not hold a grudge against Empress Feiyue were not pleased with the outcome. 

It was just as Eternal Night Heaven Highness had mentioned. The taller trees in the woods would get their tops blown off. Empress Feiyue was just too talented, thus she had made a lot of enemies, and many others were jealous of her too. 

The battle continued in the seventh forbidden area.

Empress Feiyue was still brilliant in the eyes of many. She was as unstoppable as usual. She had destroyed two fragmented Heaven Highness Weapons and slain three authorities in the Master Realm.

However, her white robe was covered in fresh blood.

The number of bloodstains kept increasing.

That being said, she did not frown, nor did her expression shift, as if she could not feel any pain. However, her blood was so obvious that Master Shangjian, Extreme Dao Master, and the others were very excited.

Today, they were going to defeat the genius who had created many legends and become the nightmare of many since five thousand years ago! 

"Master Shehuang, Xu Xiangsheng, the outcome has been decided. Why are you so stubborn? If you back away now, we can treat like nothing ever happened!" Master Shangjian said.

The thought had just crossed his mind. He wanted to see Empress Feiyue all by herself.

"Empress, we have kept our promises. Our job here is done!" a ferocious beast in the peak Master Realm said. It then let out a deep groan. The rest of the mysterious existences stopped attacking and left the battlefield.

They did not go against their own words. It was Empress Feiyue who told them to only stay for a certain period of time. 

“Great!" Master Shangtian was very excited.


Master Shehuang, Xu Xiangsheng, and the Masters of Dao on Empress Feiyue's side who were already covered in blood kept attacking as if they were unaware that they were at a disadvantage.

They were no longer concerned about their lives when they decided to come. 

"They are less sensible than a bunch of animals. Let's take care of them quickly!" Master Shangjian harrumphed coldly.

Empress Feiyue suddenly performed a hand seal. An eight-floored pagoda made of ancient immortal wood appeared before her with a formidable aura.

"A fragmented Heaven Highness Weapon?"

The eyes of the peak Masters of Dao in front of her widened.

Empress Feiyue inserted the force of the Master Realm into the pagoda. Runes immediately appeared above Master Shehuang, Xu Xiangsheng, and the others before forming a gate which forcibly drew them in.

"Thanks for your help, I'll handle the rest myself," Empress Feiyue transmitted her thought. The ancient pagoda in her hand soon disappeared after its energy was overdrawn. 

"Mm? Is she trying to..."

The Masters of Dao who were present were startled.

"Did Empress Feiyue have a contingency plan for them?" 

"Feiyue, since when are you so cunning? Are you chasing me away just because I don't have much strength left?" Master Shehuang scolded. A formidable aura suddenly burst out of his body and shattered the gate into pieces. 

"Feiyue, if we meet again in the next life, you must refer to me as your big brother!" Master Shehuang yelled as he charged forward. The Art of Dao Seeking in his body was flowing in the reverse direction. His aura rose gradually.

His eyes showed no remorse.

They had met coincidentally five thousand years ago. He treated her like his close-one, but three thousand years ago, he made a terrible decision, thus he had sworn that he would do everything to protect Empress Feiyue no matter what happened.

Unfortunately, he never had the chance because Empress Feiyue was just too outstanding.

But now, the chance was right before him.


A few Masters of Dao were startled as they realized what was going on.

"Taihuang Destruction Art!"

Master Shehuang grinned. A blinding light burst out of his body as a shocking energy surged in all directions.


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