Chapter 2155 - Battle of the Empress, Part Eleven
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2155 - Battle of the Empress, Part Eleven

A series of shocking explosions took place across the seventh forbidden area.

Master Shehuang, Xu Xiangsheng, the Masters of Dao, and the mysterious existences were in a pinch. They were gradually backing away as they were left in wounds.

In addition to it, the Masters of Dao of the seventeen formidable factions had begun reconstructing the formations. Master Shehuang, Xu Xiangsheng, and the others knew what they were trying to do, yet they could not stop them.

The coverage of the battle had doubled.

Empress Feiyue and Eternal Night Heaven Highness' will had claimed the limelight. The impact of each clash between their will would spread over a few hundred thousand li away. No Master of Dao dared to be caught in it. Master Shangjian was thinking of gathering some people to ambush their enemy, yet it was unachievable.

"Empress Feiyue has lost the upper hand in just a few seconds!"

"The strength of a Heaven Highness is too terrifying. It might only have a tenth of Eternal Night Heaven Highness' will, yet each of his attacks possessed the power of the rules. The force of the Master Realm is nowhere strong enough to overcome it!"

The terrifying existences and the Rulers of Dao that were watching the battle gasped in awe.

At the same time, their eyes were filled with intimidation and a hint of desire.

"To think that a mere Master of Dao would possess such strength. Your talents are comparable to mine," Eternal Night Heaven Highness spoke calmly, like he was far more superior than everything.

He was once humble and gentle, yet after being the strongest cultivator for more than a few tens of thousand years, it had gradually affected his attitude toward the world and all life forms.

"Unfortunately, you are born in the wrong era. You have exposed yourself a little too early. The wind will destroy the tallest trees in a jungle."

Golden runes surfaced on Eternal Night Heaven Highness' arm. The strange ripple around him grew even stronger.

"Fist of Destruction!"

The ground shook vigorously as a dull buzz occurred.

It felt like the fist was the only rule in the seventh forbidden area. It was following Eternal Night Heaven Highness' order to destroy those he was trying to eliminate.

The Masters of Dao nearby shivered in fear.

Empress Feiyue looked up. Her shirt was drifting in the wind. She flipped her hand without any emotion and placed the blue sword in front of her. She curled three fingers of her left hand while the remaining two fingers pinched the air. A strange energy gathered as she moved her left hand slowly from the hilt to the tip.

It felt like a slow process, but it was actually happening rapidly. When the two fingers reached the tip of the sword just as the huge fist was about to hit Empress Feiyue, a brilliant purple-golden light burst out of the sword following a soft buzz.

"Mm? Power of rules?"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness was astounded.

He did not expect Empress Feiyue had already comprehended the secret of the Ruler Realm through the battle to gather the power of the rules.

The Power of Rules she had gathered was nothing compared to the Power of Rules he possessed, yet her power was now of the same level as his.


Empress Feiyue pressed forward instead of backing away in the nick of time. She turned into a purple-golden light and stabbed forward.


The Great Dao shattered into pieces as chaos surged wildly across the area.

Empress Feiyue walked out from the great chaos. Her aura showed no sign of weakening. She attacked Eternal Night Heaven Highness with a powerful sword art.

"Did Empress Feiyue turn the tables around?"

"Look at the sword she's holding. I can sense the ripples of the Power of Rules!"

The terrifying existences and Rulers of Dao were dumbfounded once again.

"There's still chance. We have to hold our ground!" Master Shehuang yelled, as if he was unaware that he was already covered in blood because of the serious injuries he had sustained.

"Damn it!" Master Shangjian cursed, but he was not worried at all.

Normally, fifty breaths would have passed after someone took a casual sip of tea or alcohol.

However, it felt like time had slowed down significantly. Each breath felt extremely long. They could clearly sense Eternal Night Heaven Highness and Empress Feiyue's will clashing with one another for more than hundreds of times in just a single breath.

In addition to it, Master Shangjian and the others also noticed the ripples on the tip of Empress Feiyue's sword growing stronger. The Power of Rules it was emitting grew stronger too.

"Master, you have less than five breaths left!" Master Shangjian yelled as he could not wait any longer.

"I don't need you to remind me," Eternal Night heaven Highness' voice turned cold. His whole body was emitting a strange ripple. The sky of the seventh forbidden area immediately darkened. Even the light that the Supreme Haotian Badge was emitting was suppressed too.

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"Is that..."

The terrifying existence and the Rulers of Dao's heart skipped a beat.

According to the rumors, not only would one master the Power of Rules when they had achieved the Heaven Highness Real, but they would also master their own rules, which included laws, destiny, reincarnation, cause and effect, five elements, and many more. 

The Supreme Haotian Badge suddenly unleashed a great pressure. Its weapon spirit fired a golden ray into Empress Feiyue's boy to strengthen her.

"Haotian, what you do is meaningless. There's a limit to how much you can strengthen her. It won't change the outcome," Eternal Night Heaven Highness did not think much of it. His voice grew louder too. It echoed between the Heavens and Earth. 

"Transcendence of the Dao, falling into eternal darkness!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness executed his final move before he disappeared.

The seventh forbidden area was devoured by darkness. Every light that the Masters of Dao was emitting was gone too.

The cultivators were struggling to see others and sense their presence, as if they were stranded and no longer existed.

Even the terrifying existences and Rulers of Dao were unable to watch the battle.

Empress Feiyue floated in the air. She sensed the darkness that was eating her up like a ferocious beast. She started performing seals with a single hand. Each seal imbued the blue sword with a light ray. It eventually added nine rays of light to the sword.

Everyone would start from their first life in the beginning.

Her beginning was Village Qingling in the Canglan Continent.

"I shall name it...Qingling."

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