Chapter 2154 - Battle of the Empress, Part Ten
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2154 - Battle of the Empress, Part Ten

Master Shangjian's expression froze.

The woman who had humiliated him and taken his succession multiple times did not even recognize him?

Could it be that he was just like an ant in her eyes, so she did not even bother remembering him?

"Humph, it doesn't matter if you remember me or not. Either way, you will be gone after today. Don't worry, I'll set up a tombstone for you..."

Master Shangjian burst out laughing, but his eyes widened before he finished his sentence.

Empress Feiyue was already standing in front of him. The blue sword in her hand turned into a peerless glow as it stabbed at his chest with tremendous force.

It all happened so quickly that he did not have time to react.


A series of explosions took place. Strong gusts of wind surged in all directions.

However, the sword did not hurt Master Shangjian. Runes had emerged around him in the nick of time.

The Formation of Thirty-Three Days!

"Feiyue, were you trying to kill me? You will have to ask my father-in-law for permission."

Master Shangjian chuckled. He took out a black talisman and inserted energy into it.

The talisman was set on fire. An ancient aura surged over a distance of a few million li like a rare storm, placing the Masters of Dao at the scene under tremendous pressure.

"Could it be..."

The expressions of many froze.

The black talisman was thoroughly combusted.

The Supreme Haotian Badge hanging high up in the sky shook vigorously. The patterns on it let out brilliant glows followed by overwhelming auras.

The stormy clouds within a few hundred thousand li were torn apart as if they had received a tremendous blow. A pitch-black illusionary figure over ten thousand zhang tall stepped forward amid the snow.

Almost a third of the seventh forbidden area started shaking violently.

The Masters of Dao could feel their souls shiver too.

" really showed up!"

The terrifying existences and the Rulers of Dao who were watching the battle gasped.

The will of the only Heaven Highness that was still alive had shown up!

"Eternal Night, you have broken the rules. No one above the Master Realm is allowed to interfere with the Battle of the Masters! If you don't back away, I will have no choice but to fall out with you," an ancient hoarse voice spoke from the Supreme Haotian Badge. It echoed across the Battlefield of Aeon and reached the ears of the Masters of Dao.

"Haotian Badge, you have strengthened her a lot more than you should. Isn't that breaking the rules too? Besides, I've only sent a wisp of my will instead of coming here in person! Don't you worry, I will only stay for a hundred breaths. I will leave when my time is up. Consider it repaying the favor you owe me," Eternal Night said.

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Supreme Haotian Badge glowed and vibrated for a moment before the hoarse voice spoke, "You only have fifty breaths."

The glow gradually dimmed.

"Fifty breaths, that's more than enough!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness smiled. The magnificent figure sprang forward and threw a punch at Empress Feiyue.

Even though it was only a wisp of his will, but a strange ripple was emitting from the tip of his fist. Only those in the Ruler Realm would understand what it was!

It was the force of the rules, the complete version of it!

As a result, the punch was like the wrath of the Heavens or the judgment of Dao that was going to destroy everything.

Empress Feiyue retained the same expression. She went over a hundred thousand li away when the punch was thrown at her. She accumulated her strength on the blue sword that was like the only source of light in the world and slashed at Eternal Night Heaven Highness.

The words Heaven Highness alone were enough to make many people shiver in fear.

However, whether it was a Ruler of Dao or a Heaven Highness, it did not make any difference to Empress Feiyue.

She had given her everything in the battle. No matter how grim the situation was, even if her flesh broke, her strength dissipated, her soul crumbled, leaving her with only the last wisp of her will, she would still fight to the end.

"Fellow cultivators, why are you watching in the distance? Even though Eternal Night Heaven Highness can only stay for fifty breaths, but based on his observation, Empress Feiyue has yet to truly achieve the Ruler Realm. She's only a peak Master of Dao now!"

"The formidable strength she possesses is from some kind of a forbidden art! We all know that one must pay a great price for using a forbidden art, and the effects do not last for long either. Eternal Night Heaven Highness has mentioned that she can only last for fifty breaths at most. Her strength would drop tremendously after that!"

"If you want to obtain her Art of Ten Lifetimes, you better make your decision now. Otherwise, once it all ended, you won't have a share of it!"

Master Shangjian was long prepared. He took out a Dao-Seeking Weapon to transmit his voice across the seventh forbidden area. He also transmitted the message to the badges of many cultivators.

He believed Empress Feiyue had no chance of survival against their formation, yet she had caused a lot of miracles in the past. He had only delivered the speech as a safety precaution.

"You three, come with me to the battlefield!"

"Empress Feiyue has slain many of our people. We must avenge them!"

The factions who were planning to take part in the battle no longer hesitated.

A series of whooshes took place as reputable experts of the Master Realm began to arrive.

Even some rogue cultivators who had no ties with Empress Feiyue joined the battle.

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli felt a great chill running down their spine. They did not know how to describe their feelings.

It was basically a great rise followed by a great fall!

Empress Feiyue had created one after another miracle and astounded the world. She once had around fifty percent chance to achieve the Ruler Realm, yet she no longer had any chance of doing so.

It was not exaggerating to say that the whole Nine Heavens Immortal Realm had come to take her down.

"Feiyue, we are sorry, it's not like we don't want t help, but our strength is just too petty in a battle like this," the two let out a long sigh. It felt like they had aged at that instant.

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