Chapter 2153 - Battle of the Empress, Part Nine
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2153 - Battle of the Empress, Part Nine

"Progenitor of Extreme Dao, merge with my body. The mystical transformations. The heart-slashing sword!"

Extreme Dao Master and the authorities were under enormous pressure. They quickly brought out all their trump cards without any hesitation, emitting shocking lights amid the heavy snow.

The rift within a few tens of thousand li became chaotic. The rules ceased to exist.

Extreme Dao Master and the authorities spat out mouthfuls of blood. Their faces turned pale. Their auras weakened significantly too.

Their eyes were filled with astonishment.

They had used their trump cards, yet they still failed to nullify Empress Feiyue's single slash?

"Our Patriarchs are struggling to hold their ground!"

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The Masters of Dao of the seventeen formidable factions were startled.

If their Patriarchs were defeated, how were they supposed to stop Empress Feiyue?

Besides, Empress Feiyue had many Masters of Dao and mysterious existences on her side too!

"Feiyue, you are easily the most talented cultivator in the Primary Upper Realm! You can surely become a Heaven Highness in the era of the supremes. You might even become the fifth Supreme Highness! Unfortunately, you have chosen the wrong path. It doesn't matter how strong you are, you are doomed to fail today!"

Extreme Dao Master spat out some blood and snarled, "What are the rest of you waiting for!?"

Master Shehuang, Xu Xiangsheng, and the others were dumbfounded.

Were other formidable factions involved too?

Even the Masters of Dao of the seventeen formidable factions were startled. They had not heard of having any more reinforcement.

Empress Feiyue completely ignored Extreme Dao Master's words. She slashed forward with a destructive might again.

However, golden runes began to spread above Extreme Dao Master and the others and formed a mystical formation. It forcibly nullified the terrifying slash.

The formation only had a few cracks on it instead of breaking into pieces.

"Isn't that...the Formation of Thirty-Three Days?"

Some terrifying existences and Rulers of Dao were startled.

Only that senior was capable of setting up that formation!

Did its existence mean that senior was also targeting Empress Feiyue?

Ten enormous formations appeared above the battlefield as if they were answering their doubts, from which ten figures appeared.

There were men and women of varied ages. They consisted of three peak Masters of Dao and seven Masters of Dao in the Greater Success Stage.

The formation was not so intimidating compared to the battle that was taking place.

However, they all wore a black robe with a white letter written messily on their chest.

"Are you...are you from the Eternal Night Island?" Master Shehuang's heart skipped a beat.

"What? The Eternal Night Island? They are involved too?"

The Masters of Dao at the scene were stunned.

Everyone knew there was only a Supreme Highness left in the Primary Upper Realm.

His name was the Eternal Night Supreme Highness!

The Eternal Night Supreme Highness was the one who established the Eternal Night Island. He was the chief of the island while the vice chiefs under his command were all experts in the Ruler Realm. The faction was extremely resourceful since it had existed for a long time. It was comparable to the seven Heaven Highness Clans.

That being said, the formidable existence rarely involved himself in the matters of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. The Eternal Night Supreme did not bother attacking them too, like he was not going to be a threat at all.

"HAHAHA, Feiyue, it's been a while!"

A thunderous burst of laughter echoed between the Heavens and Earth. It was a middle-aged man wearing a white robe, who also had a black letter that said Eternity on his chest. He came out of the rift with an impressive demeanor.

"Master Shangjian?"

Many people recognized the man.

Master Shangjian was once an impressive existence who us slightly stronger than Xu Xiangsheng. Later, Master Shangjian ended up marrying Eternal Dark Master. You would soon become the strongest existence in the Primary Upper Realm after 

Emperess Feiyue, do you still remember how you humiliated me?

Master Shangjian's eyes turned cold all of a sudden.

Empress Feiyue was only a peak Peerless Ruler when he was in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. The two of them met at an ancient forbidden ground.

It had an insane succession. He had been planning for a long time to secure it, yet Empress Feiyue ended up ruining it.

Not only did Empress Feiyue take away the succession, she even defeated him. He still remembered how he, a Nine Heavens Supreme was defeated by a peak Peerless Ruler in front of others. He had to flee for his life.

Not only that, when he achieved the Greater Success Stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, he planned to secure another great succession, yet Empress Feiyue took it away again. When he went for another fortunate encounter, Empress Feiyue was one step ahead of him.

He was enraged. He tried to get his revenge when many Nine Heavens Supremes had teamed up against Empress Feiyue, yet she destroyed his flesh with the first slash, shattered his supreme force with the second, and damaged his soul with the third. It took him great effort just to recover from the injuries.

He bore great hatred toward Empress Feiyue, yet he knew that he would never be able to get his revenge alone.

Even he did not expect that the Heavens were being merciful toward him. He met the granddaughter of a Heaven Highness. After being through a lot, the two of them became partners, and he successfully joined the Eternal Night Island.

He was initially planning to pick on Empress Feiyue slowly by using the Eternal Night Island's power, yet little did he know, Empress Feiyue finally got what she deserved. She had to trigger the Battle of the Masters in advance for some reason!

He asked his partner to tell Eternal Night Heaven Highness how powerful Empress Feiyue's self-invented Art of Ten Lifetimes was, how much of a threat she could be, and the benefits of killing her.

He finally convinced Eternal Night Heaven Highness!

He was overjoyed. He finally had a chance to get his revenge!

"Who are you?" Empress Feiyue looked at him and asked.

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