Chapter 2152 - Battle of the Empress, Part Eight
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2152 - Battle of the Empress, Part Eight

"Extreme Dao, we are here to help!"

Master Huaxin, Muzhu, and the others came from six different directions like ancient swords slashing at Empress Feiyue with a formidable might.

"Extreme Dao Art of Killing!"

Extreme Dao Master thoroughly unleashed his will. The sword intents he was emitting gradually grew stronger.

However, a strange sight took place once again. The sword intents could not go any closer when they reached a hundred zhang away from Empress Feiyue.

"What's going on? She isn't using any arts, nor did she set up a formation around her. Why would they..."

Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, and the rest of the authorities were confused.

Their eyes suddenly widened.


Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, and other authorities felt a great sense of danger. They quickly backed away.

However, they were still a little too late.


An indescribable aura erupted from Empress Feiyue's body and shattered the chaotic auras and will nearby.

Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, and the authorities groaned in pain as if they had just received a great blow on their chest. Blood was leaking out from their mouths as they went flying like arrows.

Empress Feiyue's eyes sprang open.

Her light blue pupils now had nine different colors.

"The ten lives are all here now," Empress Feiyue said as he rose to her feet.

A series of chimes and drum rolls echoed in the seventh forbidden area as thousands of rare phenomena occurred across the rift.

Empress Feiyue's aura skyrocketed as if she had broken the barrier between the Master Realm and the Ruler Realm. The area within a few hundred thousand li shook vigorously.

A series of explosions took place continuously. The rules which the Supreme Haotian Badge had modified were shattered forcibly by Empress Feiyue.

" that..."

Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, the authorities, and every Master of Dao, including Master Shehuang, Xu Xiangsheng, and those who were on Empress Feiyue's side were astounded.

Empress Feiyue's aura had placed them under great pressure. Even their souls were feeling uneasy.

They would only feel that when they were facing a Ruler of Dao!

"How is this impossible?" The terrifying existences and the Rulers of Dao who were watching the seventh forbidden area were astounded too. 

Did Feiyue already become a Ruler of Dao?

However, she did not even trigger a Tribulation!

"Perhaps I can call it the Flesh of Ten Lifetimes," Empress Feiyue murmured.

The only downside was she had already broken the forbidden rule in the Canglan Continent by summoning her past life and future life.

Otherwise, the past lives and future life she summoned this time might have their memories and cultivation too.

The future life she had summoned was only an empty shell with no memory or cultivation.

Empress Feiyue soon vanished before showing up in front of Muzhu.

The forty-seventh Patriarch of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect felt his hair standing on its end. He decided to detonate his fragment Heaven Highness Weapon without any hesitation when he sensed the grave danger he was in. He also activated a talisman of the Ruler Realm inside his body.

Empress Feiyue waved her hand. A force beyond the level of the Master Realm poured down and froze the fragmented Heaven Highness Weapon, Muzhu and his power.

"Superfluous Will of Heavens!" Muzhu yelled. He consumed the energy of his soul and activated a forbidden art to run away.

Empress Feiyue's eyes seemed to have seen through his secrets. She flicked her finger and fired an icy blue ray into his body. It landed on his soul.

Muzhu's eyes widened. The life force in his body was dissipating rapidly.

His soul had been sealed.

"Mu...Muzhu is dead?"

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Almost everyone was struggling to believe their eyes.

He was a peak Master of Dao!

Did Empress Feiyue just kill him with a single flick?

Did she really become a Ruler of Dao?

"Hang on, she had yet to achieve the Ruler Realm as she had not overcome the Tribulation. Besides, those in the Ruler Realm would possess the power of rules, but the attacks she executed did not have any sign of it."

A Ruler of Dao realized something and exclaimed in surprise, "She must have used a forbidden art which forcibly increased her strength to the early stage of the Ruler Realm!"

Increasing the strength of the Master Realm to the early stage of the Ruler Realm was even more difficult than killing a Ruler of Dao in the Greater Success Stage with the cultivation of the peak Master Realm!

The Master Realm and the Ruler Realm were intrinsically different. The force needed to make up for the difference was absolutely insane. 

"One would have to pay a huge price just to use such an insane forbidden art. It would not last for a long time too. That being said, Empress Feiyue is completely unstoppable now. She has at least four-tenths chance to achieve the Ruler Realm!" a terrifying existence blurted out.

Just as it finished its sentence, Empress Feiyue made her move again. She performed a hand seal, turning the sky over a great distance into stormy clouds. The temperature dropped rapidly to a terrifying level. The Masters of Dao in the early stage began to shiver.

Snowflakes around the size of a palm fell from the sky.

Each snowflake possessed great power. They floated toward the cultivators of the seventeen formidable factions as if they had their own consciousness.

"Look out, it will seal the force of the Master Realm in your body!"

The Masters of Dao were startled.

Some of their eyes were filled with fear. The confidence they were showing initially was long gone.

The snow was only the beginning. Empress Feiyue was on the move once again. The blue sword in her hand turned into the only source of light in the world as it slashed at Extreme Dao Master and the other authorities.

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