Chapter 2151 - Battle of the Empress, Part Seven
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2151 - Battle of the Empress, Part Seven

"Maintain the formation!" Extreme Dao Master roared.

Master Huaxin, Muzhu, and the peak Masters of Dao fully unleashed the potential of their fragmented Heaven Highness Weapons and attacked Master Shehuang, Xu Xiangsheng, and the others. 

However, they were already at wits' end. A few moments later, their formations began to collapse.

The rest of the formations were destroyed too.

A hundred breaths later, the formations cracked apart. Their runes turned into light dots dissipating in the air.

"Fellow cultivators, let's strike while the iron is hot. We can't let them set up their formations again!"

Master Shehuang let out a roar as he unleashed his will. He summoned a world above the Masters of Dao of the seventeen formidable factions. It devoured them and forced them to split up.

The mysterious existences, Xu Xiangsheng, and other Masters of Dao followed him.

Empress Feiyue returned to the chaotic battlefield. She had fended off seventeen authorities alone. The eight figures she summoned previously were targeting the fragments of Heaven Highness Weapons. 

"Did the tables turn?"

Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, and the rest of the crowd were startled.

"But, it's nowhere enough. Empress Feiyue has triggered the Battle of the Masters to become a Ruler of Dao. It's not about winning the battle. If..." Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli realized something after collecting their thoughts.

As soon as the thought crossed their mind, Empress Feiyue did something shocking again. 

"The ancestor looks back thirty thousand years, the river of immortality exists now until eternity!"

Empress Feiyue flicked her finger, firing a blue ray into the rift.

"What else did she prepare?"

The hearts of Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, and the authorities skipped a beat.

They soon heard eight whooshes which were soft at first, but they eventually became thunderous. Something else had shown up too.

Eight rivers, each over ten thousand li with the shape of ancient dragons and golden-blue water filled with runes approached from the distance.

"Ceramic Glaze Heavenly Rivers?" 

"She has obtained eight Ceramic Glaze Heavenly Rivers?"

Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, and the Masters of Dao were astounded.

The Rulers of Dao who were watching the battle were dumbfounded too.

Even though the eight Ceramic Glaze Heavenly Rivers were not as powerful as the Heavenly Dao Bell, but they were also artifacts refined in the Battlefield of Aeon under certain circumstances!

Each Ceramic Glaze Heavenly River possessed pure power, will, and soul energy, something that every Master of Dao dreamed of getting their hands on!

The reason being that if a Master of Dao in the Greater Success Stage could refine a Ceramic Glaze Heavenly River and cultivate in seclusion for a few years, they had more than fifty percent chance to achieve the peak Master Realm!

If a Master of Dao in the early stage refined it, they would achieve the Greater Success Stage within a month!

Normally, it was extremely difficult to even find one of them!

The eight Ceramic Glaze Heavenly Rivers entered Empress Feiyue's body rapidly as if they had already acknowledged her as their master.

The light surrounding her grew significantly. The Art of Ten Lifetimes in her body started to change.

The world in her eyes shifted too.

"I didn't think Empress Feiyue has managed to find the Heavenly Dao Bell and eight Ceramic Glaze Heavenly Rivers in just a few months! She might actually stand a chance!" a Ruler of Dao in the Void Heaven Realm exclaimed.

The chance might be slim, but it still took everyone by surprise!

Under normal circumstances, any Master of Dao in her shoes would fail miserably.

"Feiyue, I didn't expect you to come so far, but no matter how hard you struggle, you won't be able to stop us. You will perish in the end!" Extreme Dao Master snarled with a displeased look. 

He did not think Empress Feiyue would even stand a chance at first!

"Is that so?"

Empress Feiyue's sound remained cold and icy. She suddenly did something shocking in the middle of the battle. She sat on the ground and closed her eyes.

She performed a strange seal with both hands while chanting something.

"She still has other moves?"

Extreme Dao Master's eyes widened. He yelled, "Don't you even think about it!"

His figure merged with the sword in his hand and turned into a brilliant sword ray which slashed forward with formidable power.

However, a loud blast took place as he was around a hundred zhang away from Empress Feiyue.

It felt like he had just hit an invisible mountain. He was struggling to press any further no matter how hard he tried.


Extreme Dao Master heard Empress Feiyue utter the last word.

The eight illusionary figures Empress Feiyue summoned turned into rays of light and entered her body.

No matter how powerful a cultivator was, they were not able to keep passing their cultivation to their next life.

A person only had ten lives from the beginning to the end.

In other words, when a cultivator was born in the state of nothing, they could reincarnate nine times after they had fallen. During their tenth life, if they died again, they would cease to exist as a part of the Heavens and Earth.

Empress Feiyue was currently in her ninth life.

The eight figures she summoned were her eight past lives.

The eight past lives had varied strength. Some were only Martial Emperors. Some were Martial Monarchs. Some were Peerless Rulers, and some were Rulers of Dao. However, none of them had achieved the Heaven Highness Realm.

However, their level of cultivation did not really matter to her.

Every past life she summoned would increase the power of her Art of Ten Lifetimes significantly.

The Art of Ten Lifetimes could also summon her future life whose cultivation would be on par with hers like a clone.

She was currently using a deadly art that was from five thousand years ago.

She had never used the art before, but based on her understanding, she could combine the eight past lives and used the Art of Ten Lifetimes to summon her future life, which would be her tenth life.

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She would then unleash the full potential of the Art of Ten Lifetimes when all ten lives were present!

She might not possess the strength and memories of her other lives, but her strength would reach a terrifying level within a short period of time!

A loud thunder occurred in the sky.

A black vortex appeared above Empress Feiyue as an illusionary figure with exactly the same face as hers with an eye closed came down from the sky and entered her body.

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