Chapter 2150 - Battle of the Empress, Part Six
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2150 - Battle of the Empress, Part Six

Meanwhile, the center of the seventh forbidden area...

The area within a hundred thousand li was in ruins. The rifts were now chaotic with various lights and shocking martial intents. It felt like a great storm with a radius of over a million li due to the countless collisions between the different arts.

Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, and the other Masters of Dao had long backed away from the center. They did not dare to go too close as they were afraid of being caught by the impact.

"Feiyue, we won't win at this rate. We must break through their formations!" Xu Xiangshen executed a peerless sword art and formed an ancient sword formation with the three men he brought. He slashed through the enemy's formations and said, "I have a move that can destroy two of their formations, but I'll need an opening!"

Empress Feiyue did not respond, but he did not mind at all. He transmitted his thought to his comrades. They were preparing to execute a forbidden art while establishing the sword formation.

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Master Shehuang's figure suddenly enlarged multiple times. His eyes had lines of ancient words as he let out a groan.

"Thousands of rules shrouding the Heavens, slashing the immortal with a sword!"

Empress Feiyue's blue sword suddenly left her hand and turned into a brilliant blue light which slashed through the powerful formations and shocking intents looming over her. It created a clear gap amid the chaos.

She performed a hand seal with both hands. The golden symbol on her forehead burned fiercely.


The Supreme Haotian Badge suddenly vibrated deep in the sky. It unleashed a golden ray which poured down at Empress Feiyue at a shocking pace.

Empress Feiyue's aura skyrocketed once again like she had just been strengthened.

"How is the Supreme Haotian Badge increasing her strength by so much?" Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, and the rest of the authorities were startled.

Empress Feiyue proceeded to perform hand seals. Every time she finished a seal, the glow on her would dim slightly.

"She's using the power of the Supreme Haotian Badge!"

Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, and the authorities were dumbfounded after they realized what was going on.

They had no clue what Empress Feiyue was up to, yet they could not help but have a bad feeling. They felt like they must stop her at all costs.

However, it was too late.

Empress Feiyue's channeling speed was beyond their imagination. She had already finished the last seal by the time they collected their thoughts. The golden light and the symbol on her forehead both disappeared.

"Summon!" Empress Feiyue uttered coldly. Her voice echoed across a hundred thousand li away.

Following it, the chaos at the center of the battlefield was suppressed by an invisible force. Everything slowed down gradually as the Supreme Haotian Badge began to vibrate vigorously. Patterns of deities and demons appeared and glowed in the sky. 

A strong aura loomed over the seventh forbidden area.

"What's going on?"

The Masters of Dao were startled.

They began to feel uneasy.


In addition to them, the terrifying existences and the Rulers of Dao who were watching the battle sensed something unusual too.

The strange phenomenon lasted for twenty breaths. The sky above the seventh forbidden area began to ripple like water.

A black mysterious bell covered in runes with an ancient aura appeared.

Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, the Masters of Dao at the scene, the terrifying existences and the Rulers of Dao who were watching the battle were astounded. 

"Isn't that the Heavenly Dao Bell?"

"Since when did Empress Feiyue has it?"

The Heavenly Dao Bell was one of the most powerful mysterious artifacts in the Battlefield of Aeon. No one knew whom it belonged to. They only knew its power was only slightly inferior to the Supreme Haotian Badge. 

Many Rulers of Dao and formidable factions had long wanted to claim it, yet they never succeeded in their attempts.

The heavenly bell started ringing on its own.

Every corner of the seventh forbidden area was encapsulated by a deadly aura. It surged in all directions like ferocious waves.


Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, and the authorities were startled.


A series of shocking explosions took place.

The Masters of Dao of the seventeen formidable factions and the formations they had established suffered serious blows. The formations began to crack apart. Those who were only in the early stage and the Greater Success Stage of the Master Realm spat out mouthfuls of blood with pale faces.

The bell slowly vanished.

However, its power had taken the Masters of Dao and other terrifying existences by surprise.

The formation consisting of seventeen formidable factions almost collapsed because of a single blow!

Even a Ruler of Dao would struggle to achieve such a feat!

"Eyes of Desolation, the Desolated World!"

Master Shehuang was long prepared for it. He took hold of the opportunity to unleash its power, forming a vague ancient world which collapsed upon the formations.

"Oh Feiyue, I can never reach your level!" Xu Xiangsheng exclaimed. His gaze sharpened.

"Descend of the Xu Clan's progenitor!"

He spat out his blood essence while the three men behind him fired a ray of light into it. A magnificent illusionary figure appeared with a formidable aura. It immediately claimed the limelight.

"The progenitor of the Xu Clan, a Heaven Highness!"

"It's our chance!"

The mysterious existences and the reputable Masters of Dao on Empress Feiyue's side immediately executed their strongest moves to attack the formations that were on the verge of collapsing.

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