Chapter 2149 - Battle of the Empress, Part Five
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2149 - Battle of the Empress, Part Five

Meanwhile, the center of the seventh forbidden area...

"Feiyue, I know you have been preparing for this since a few months ago, so you must have some trump cards up in your sleeves too! Show us what you got!" Extreme Dao Master said with a thunderous voice.

"As you wish," Empress Feiyue performed a hand seal with one hand without any expression on her face.

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A shocking roar immediately came from the distance.


Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, and the others were startled.

A strange ferocious beast with scales whose eyes were like blood vortexes approached from the distance. Each step it took shattered the rift nearby.

Behind it was a rock giant made of immortal stones, a ferocious beast formed with black water of the Underworld, and over a dozen other unique existences, each approaching from the distance with a terrifying aura.

Their auras were equivalent to the peak Master Realm!

In addition to them, there were beasts of various sizes and shapes following them like a huge tide.

Only a few were in the Master Realm. Most of them were in the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, yet their numbers had formed an incredible formation.

"Feiyue, I'm here to help!"

A stern voice came down from above, followed by a young man with sharp eyebrows and long hair reaching his shoulder. He was dressed in a dark red outfit with lots of tears on it. He was holding an ancient immortal sword. He stepped out of the rift with three other figures.

"Xu Xiangsheng? He's here too?" many among the crowd were startled.

Not only was Xu Xiangshen a peak Master of Dao, he was also a legend in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

The man was extremely talented. He did not take long to achieve the Master Realm. He was even selected as the next-in-line Patriarch of the Xu Clan, yet when he had power, talents, background, and status that everyone desired, he chose to leave the Xu Clan and become a rogue cultivator!

Rumors said he admired Empress Feiyue. He had been chasing her for a thousand years, but the latter never fancied him. However, nobody thought he would risk his life to help Empress Feiyue fight seventeen formidable factions. 

"Hey, aren't you ashamed of yourself? Seventeen factions have joined hands just to kill one person?"

"She isn't willing to acknowledge me for more than five thousand years, but I do see her as my successor. You will have to walk over my dead body if you want to hurt her!"

"Feiyue, it's my chance to keep my promise!" 

A few old, imperious, and icy voices appeared between the Heavens and Earth as several figures walked out from the rift with shocking auras.

Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, and the others were shocked.

These people were quite reputable during the ancient times.

"Extreme Dao, it's about time we settle our disputes," a handsome young man appeared out of nowhere not far from Xu Xiangsheng.

"Master Shehuang?"

The eyes of the crowd widened.

"Shehuang, what do you mean by this? Does this mean the Sky Taihuang Sect is going to side with Empress Feiyue?"

Extreme Dao Master's eyes turned cold.

"No, I'm here on behalf of myself. You might not know this, but half an hour ago, Supreme Chang Xiao of the Sky Taihuang Sect already declared to the public that I was expelled because I've broken the sect's rules," Master Shehuang said. 

"HAHAHA, Feiyue, I didn't expect you to gather so many mysterious existences of the Battlefield of Aeon in just a few months, not to mention so many reputable authorities! If you didn't trigger the Battle of the Masters so early and wait for a few dozen years, we might not be able to take you down!"

The Extreme Dao Master burst out laughing. He gradually withdrew his smile and said, "Unfortunately, whatever you do now will no longer make any difference!"

Following it, a battle which many had long waited for began.

Meanwhile, the Undying Cycle Mountain in the First Immortal Realm...

Since the battle in the ancient times that involved four Supreme Highnesses, the seven Heaven Highness Clans, formidable factions, Rulers of Dao, and others had been searching for the Undying Cycle Mountain.

The mountain seemed to have disappeared from the Primary Upper Realm. They could not find it no matter what methods they used.

The door of a wooden hut at the bottom of the hill suddenly swung open. A middle-aged man walked out of the door. He started putting on the worn-out armor beside the door. 

"Big bro, what's going on? Are you going to do it?" the Ninth Immortal, the old man in a gray robe who destroyed Qin Nan's Dao Foundation said with a gloomy look, "Almost everyone is watching the Battlefield of Aeon. You might expose master's identity thoroughly. Those factions will go nuts when they find out who he is."

"He is only a peak Nine Heavens Supreme now."

"Shouldn't we..."

The middle-aged man looked at the Ninth Immortal and said indifferently, "Shouldn't we do what?"

The old man scratched his head and said, "Why don't I go and bring master here? I don't mind if he hates me."

The middle-aged man said, "Don't ever think that again. You are only doing what you think is best, but it's not what master wants. As servants, we should do what he wants instead."

He then scolded, "That being said, he's still the same assh*** after he is reincarnated. I really feel like scolding him sometimes."

Despite what he said, the old man in a gray robe could see the smile in his eyes.

The middle-aged man picked up a black ancient sword and said, "By the way, are you sure the blind woman you met look exactly the same as Empress Feiyue?"

The old man nodded, "Exactly the same, I can guarantee that, but the blind woman is a Heaven Highness."

The middle-aged man sheathed the sword and said, "Interesting, a Heaven Highness looks the same and even practices the Art of Ten Lifetimes just like Empress Feiyue..."

"Forget it, there's no point thinking about it now. The blind woman doesn't mean us any harm too."

"Fourth brother, bring me my scriptures. It's been over ten thousand years since I last read them and kill someone."

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