Chapter 2161 - No Match For a Single Person, Part One
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2161 - No Match For a Single Person, Part One

In less than a breath, Bai Zhongsheng's body underwent tremendous changes.

Every part of him, including his robe, turned crystalline with a faint blue color, like an ancient immortal jade with a faint Bodhi glow, as if he was a Buddha from ancient times.

The Masters of Dao at the scene did not sense any difference.

However, the lord of the City of Darkness's eyes widened in astonishment, "What's going on? How did his body turn into a part of the Rules? On top of it, he isn't displaying any sign of life or the presence of the Master Realm, as if he is formed with a new Power of Rule in the Primary Upper Realm!"

The lord of the City of Darkness had achieved the peak Ruler Realm. He was familiar with the secrets of the Power of Rules, but he could at most merge the power with his will instead of merging with the Rules!

Bai Zhongsheng was only a half-Ruler of Dao, yet how did he even do it?

Bai Zhongsheng weaved through the deadly attacks. He slashed forward with his sword, resulting in an astonishing sight.


Following a series of shocking explosions, the powerful formations were shattered into pieces as if they had just received a tremendous blow.

The Masters of Dao who were maintaining the formations groaned in pain.

Many of them stiffened.

Did he just destroy the formations with a single slash?

"Stay calm, he's the First Immortal. It's normal for him to possess some power that is effective against formations! We won't have to rely on the formations. We have the advantage of numbers. We can easily wear him out!" Master Shangjian yelled.

"Sacrificing all to the Buddhas," Bai Zhongsheng shook his head with a smile. He gathered thousands of sword patterns on the tip of his sword within the blink of an eye which formed an indescribable sword glow. It thrust forward and turned into ninety-nine light dots sprinkling in the surroundings. 

Each light dot transformed into a human figure after they landed.

Their appearance and aura were exactly the same as Bai Zhongsheng.

"What are you trying to achieve by summoning a bunch of clones? Is this really all that you've got as the First Immortal?" Master Shangjian wore a disdainful look.

However, his expression shifted in the next second.

"The brilliant face and the imperious aura, the face of Tathāgata that surpasses everything. Let virtue takes roots, and the rules of Buddhism will spread like a sea." 

Every verse that each clone was uttering and the actions they were doing were completely different from one another. They kept moving rapidly in all directions to dodge the attacks before slashing at the Masters of Dao.

"I...I can't move..."

Around twenty experts of the Master Realm struggled to dodge the slashes. Their hearts were brimming with fear as they watched the icy swords punctured their dantians.

Their situation was exactly the same as the first Master of Dao whom Bai Zhongsheng killed.

Even the order was the same. Bai Zhongsheng would stab their dantians first, sever their hands, before stabbing their hearts. They would slowly die while being overwhelmed by fear.

Master Shangjian's expression darkened. What Bai Zhongsheng did served as a great slap in his face.

"Fellow cultivators, his clones are unusual. We can't afford to underestimate them!" Extreme Dao Master transmitted his voice, "His eye-technique and movement are outstanding too. We should stay in groups of three and work together to defeat his clones!"

The Masters of Dao nodded sternly. The excitement and greed they initially displayed were gone after witnessing the deaths of many Masters of Dao.


Loud cries echoed in the sky, as if they were trying to cover the sound of Bai Zhongsheng uttering the scriptures.

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"I'm going to find where your true self is!" Master Shangjian ignited his soul to execute a forbidden art.

His eyes were emitting a mysterious glow.

The art was invented by Eternal Night Heaven Highness. It was called the Eyes of Daytime, which served as a powerful eye-technique for the caster. 

"There he is!" Master Shangjian soon found Bai Zhongsheng's true self.

He performed a hand seal without any hesitation. Thousands of illusionary ancient swords emerged from his back to form a powerful formation looming over Bai Zhongsheng.

"The ultimate with the depth of a cliff," Bai Zhongsheng suddenly backed away and dodged the swords as if he already knew they were coming.

"Trying to run away? Not happening!"

Master Shangjian roared. He turned into a sword glow and accumulated its strength before slashing forward like an arrow being fired.

Bai Zhongsheng suddenly appeared behind Master Shangjian.

Master Shangjian was overjoyed. The others who were attacking Bai Zhongsheng's clones suddenly focused their attacks on Bai Zhongsheng's true self. Their arts sprang at him like a dozen of ancient dragons.

"HAHAHA, I've guessed it right. Bai Zhongsheng, take this!" Master Shangjian burst out laughing as he fired a blinding sword glow at Bai Zhongsheng.

He might be a little arrogant, but he was no idiot. He was a very experienced fighter.

He already predicted Bai Zhongsheng was going to use his outstanding movement. However, he had no clue where he was going to show up. He could only take a wild guess.

The Heavens had blessed him greatly, allowing him to guess the right spot!

Regardless of how powerful the First Immortal was, he would still be injured after being attacked by eleven peak Masters of Dao at the same time.

Once he was injured, the rest of the Masters of Dao would follow up with their attacks.


"It's a direct hit!"

Master Shangjian grinned.

In addition to him, Extreme Dao Master and the others were pleased too.

They had used all kinds of methods to beat Bai Zhongsheng's outstanding movement to land their attacks on his clones.

However, their expressions soon froze.

They noticed ripples coming out of Bai Zhongsheng's body. Meanwhile, their powerful attacks simply went through his body.

They had failed to inflict even the slightest injury on Bai Zhongsheng and his clones!

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