Chapter 2162 - No Match For a Single Person, Part Two
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2162 - No Match For a Single Person, Part Two

"Eternal Night Sword Art!" Master Shangjian immediately collected his thoughts. He decisively burned his life force. The sword intent he emitted spread rapidly and devoured everything in the form of darkness.

The art was invented by Eternal Night Heaven Highness too. Unlike other sword arts, it was mainly used to target a cultivator's soul.

"The Beast-Suppressing Pagoda of Goddess Luo!"

Extreme Dao Master and the rest of the Masters of Dao quickly executed their moves too.

The Beast-Suppressing Pagoda of Goddess Luo which Extreme Dao Master activated was a defective Heaven Highness Weapon. It was able to suppress the Divine Sense of its target and destroy it.


A series of explosions took place.

When the dust settled, Master Shangjian, Extreme Dao Master, and the Masters of Dao were startled.

"How is this possible?"

A great chill ran down their spines.

Bai Zhongsheng and his clones were completely unharmed!

Each of the Masters of Dao had fought countless battles, yet it was their first time witnessing such a strange sight!

Could Bai Zhongsheng simply ignore their attacks?

That's insane!

Even Eternal Night Heaven Highness who was considered the strongest cultivator in the present era was not able to do so!

What exactly was going on?

"Something isn't right! If he could just ignore our attacks, why did he bother dodging them in the first place? Could it be..."

A thought crossed Master Shangjian's eyes. His hair stood on its end as his eyes were filled with fear for the first time.

They all assumed they could defeat Bai Zhongsheng eventually since he was all alone!

Perhaps, they were only ants in Bai Zhongsheng's eyes regardless of their number!

Why did he bother dodging the attacks?

It had been a long time since Bai Zhongsheng fought anyone. Why would he kill them all instantly when he waited so long to massacre them?

He was surely going to take it slowly to enjoy the process!

It turned out that Master Shangjian had guessed it right again. Bai Zhongsheng faced the Masters of Dao and let out a sigh. He spoke to them instead of uttering a verse, "You have realized the truth in the end. That really kills the fun."

"Well, it's my fault for not mastering the Great Permanent Steps in the first place." 

He wore a gentle smile after finishing the sentence.

"The next lives of all living creatures with a pure mind have settled down peacefully in my kingdom."

He walked toward the Masters of Dao while emitting a brilliant Bodhi glow.

Meanwhile, the rift in the distance...


Demon Emperor Wutian said with a sorry look, "The injuries which Bai Zhongsheng sustained from the battle in the past must be very serious. Even though he has control of the Undying Cycle Mountain for so many years, this is the most he can do."

The lord of the City of Darkness and the others who were in great astonishment wondered if they had heard it wrong.

The power which Bai Zhongsheng had displayed was far beyond their capabilities, yet Demon Emperor Wutian sounded like Bai Zhongsheng was doing very poorly.

"Yeah, he can only remain unharmed when fighting those below the Heaven Highness Realm," Moxie exclaimed.

"Unharmed when fighting those below the Heaven Highness Realm?"

The lord of the City of Darkness and the others had no idea how to describe their feelings. It sounded like they were being mocked.

"What a pity, if Bai Zhongsheng was not injured in the past, he could easily remain unharmed against those below the Supreme Highness Realm. He would also achieve the Ruler Realm by now. If so, he might be able to defeat Eternal Night Heaven Highness or at least leave him in serious injuries. That would clearly be in our favor," Moxie shook his head.

The lord of the City of Darkness and the others fell silent. They all decided not to provoke Moxie again in the future.

Meanwhile, the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm...

Everything that happened in the Battlefield of Aeon was spread to the formidable factions by the Masters of Dao who did not take part in the battle.

The seven Heaven Highness Clans, Shidao Tribe, Mumen Sect, fourteen Supreme Daoism factions, the hundred ancient tribes, and the factions established by Rulers of Dao became restless.

The Patriarchs and leaders of these factions immediately woke up the authorities who were in deep slumbers!

Every faction finally showed their true strength. It turned out that these factions all had Rulers of Dao in charge except for a few of the ancient tribes!

"The Battle of the Masters will last for a month after it's triggered, but if the one who triggers it achieves the Ruler Realm successfully, they are allowed to leave earlier! According to the information we have received, the First Immortal has shown up, which means Empress Feiyue might successfully achieve the Ruler Realm in the next few days!"

"They will leave right after they achieved their goals. We must go there at once!"

"The secrets of a Supreme Highness. We have to get our hands on them!"

"No one can sit back after the reincarnation of a Supreme Highness has appeared. Quick, tell the others to move out at once!"

"Extreme Dao Master has already colluded with many factions to target the First Immortal. We have the advantage. We must not miss out on the opportunity!"

"A lot more factions are going to be involved soon. We only have a slim chance of claiming the secrets, but we can't afford to miss out either!"

"Come with me, we will observe the situation for now. We have ties with the kid, so we shouldn't fall out with him until the outcome has been decided!"

Many powerful auras surged into the rift in just a few seconds.

A real storm was gathering!

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The storm which Empress Feiyue faced previously was nothing compared to it.

The main reason was that the current era had greatly declined due to the consequences of the battle in the past. The authorities of many factions had been waiting too long for an opportunity like this. 

The reincarnation of a Supreme Highness might be the key to overcome the deadlock which they were all facing! 

At the same time, on an isolated immortal island...

A terrifying aura surged across the sky and brought darkness upon it. It sent shivers down the spine of every cultivator on the island, including experts of the Ruler Realm.

The eyes of a magnificent existence sprang open.

"Very well, I was right. At least two to three among those four seniors have reincarnated! I've long waited for this moment!"

The thunderous words echoed across the sky.

The person who spoke was none other than the strongest cultivator in the Primary Upper Realm, Eternal Night Heaven Highness!

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