Chapter 2138 - Information
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2138 - Information

Cheng Mu added after a slight pause, "The Battle of the Masters is a little different from the Hundred Years Oath. Every Master of Dao must come to the Battlefield of Aeon to compete for the valuables. They are not allowed to be bystanders or hide in one place. The battle will last for a month."

"Our ancestors have also thought about everything. If you think you aren't strong enough to participate in the battle, or you weren't prepared for it, you can choose not to take part in it, but you will have to place a fragment Heaven Highness Weapon, or the corpse of a Ruler of Dao that is at least half-preserved into the Supreme Haotian Badge."

Cheng Mu exclaimed as he thought of something, "The Battle of the Masters has only happened nine times. After all, it's not easy to take out so many valuables at once."

"However, rumors say someone is preparing to trigger the Battle of the Masters soon. Lately, many Masters of Dao have come to the Battlefield of Aeon. The seven Heaven Highness Clans, Supreme Daoism factions, and ancient tribes are on the move too."

Qin Nan was startled.

That person was most likely the copper mirror.

His heart sank.

The copper mirror had only achieved the Master Realm less than a year ago. It was extremely difficult for her to gather the valuables, not to mention she would have to face so many experts in the Master Realm now that people had found out what she was up to.

"I didn't think the seniors have already thought about everything," Qin Nan withheld his emotions so the two Masters of Dao would not be suspicious of him. He let out a sigh and said, "Brother Cheng, how do I leave this place?"

There were other things Qin Nan wanted to know, but he had claimed that it was only a coincidence he had come here. Normally, he should be concerned about how to leave this place.

Cheng Mu smiled, "I thought you were never going to ask. We are currently in the ninth forbidden area, so it's a little tricky to leave this place. You must keep heading east and pass the twelfth forbidden area and twenty-first forbidden area. You will have to enter the City of Darkness and head to the Center Battlefield." 

"Qin Nan, you are only a peak Nine Heavens Supreme, so you won't make it on your own. How about this? We just happen to be on our way to the Land of Darkness to make a deal with some people there. Why don't you..." 

Yi Shi interrupted before he could finish. He said, "Qin Nan, we can't help you. The two of us can barely look after ourselves."

Cheng Mu frowned. He was about to say something, but he kept his mouth shut when he saw the look in Yi Shi's eyes.

It did not bother Qin Nan. He asked, "Brother Cheng, what is the City of Darkness?"

Cheng Mu forced a smile and said, "The City of Darkness is built with a fragment of a Heaven Highness Weapon. Inside it resides a terrifying mysterious existence. It has never shown itself and it has never attacked anyone. It also made a rule that no one is allowed to use violence in it." 

"You also heard how dangerous the thirty-three forbidden areas are. Even Masters of Dao like us only dare to stay on the outside instead of venturing too deep. However, there are ancient corpses, phantoms, and ferocious beasts that existed for special reasons. They have the advantage because of their nature."

"However, they are not allowed to leave the Battlefield of Aeon. Therefore, we will go after the things we need or trade with others in the City of Darkness to guarantee our safety."

Yi Shi interrupted again. He said impatiently, 'That's enough. Qin Nan, we've told you everything you should know. We'll be excusing ourselves."

Qin Nan smiled after a quick glimpse, "Sure, let's part ways here. Oh, please don't tell anyone I'm here. You have my thanks."

Qin Nan left decisively after he finished the sentence.

Cheng Mu could no longer withhold his anger after Qin Nan left, "What were you trying to do? Why did you keep interrupting me?"

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Yi Shi looked at him coldly and said, "Cheng Mu, stop being so naive, he did help us just then, but are you seriously considering bringing him to the Land of Darkness? Besides, it's already dangerous for us to travel across the twelve and twenty-first forbidden areas!"

"Second, that guy is now the public enemy of most formidable factions in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. What will they think if they see us traveling together?"

Cheng Mu calmed down a little and said, "Do you think I'm not aware of it? However, he must know something useful if his past life is Zhou Xiao, especially since he's perfectly unharmed after coming to the ninth forbidden area. We might be able to use him to venture deeper into the forbidden areas and claim the valuables." 

Yi Shi was a little surprised. He initially thought Cheng Mu was only repaying Qin Nan's kindness, yet he was actually trying to set Qin Nan up.

It turned out that Cheng Mu was not really as righteous as he looked.

"You aren't wrong to think that, but who do you think Zhou Xiao was? He was a good-for-nothing in the past who only knew to bully people and act recklessly. He was nothing except for the fact that he had a great father."

Yi Shi said, "I thought of using him too, but I think it's only a coincidence that Qin Nan has managed to overcome the danger here. He won't be able to travel across the twelve and twenty-first forbidden areas. He's going to die for sure."

Cheng Mu said after some thoughts, "You might be right. By the way, should we sell the information that he's here? I think we might be able to earn a lot from it."

Yi Shi shook his head, "Forget it, Qin Nan has the Empress Feiyue backing him up too. I heard she's quite fond of him. If she knew we are the ones that spread the news, we are going to pay for it."

"Fine, we did find three Will-less Soul Jades. We have plenty of resources to trade at the auction. Let's make our way to the City of Darkness.


The two entered the rift and vanished without a trace.

As for Qin Nan, he went east after parting ways. Two hours later, he suddenly picked up his pace and flew across the dangerous places and formations without any hindrance.

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