Chapter 2137 - Supreme Haotian Badge
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2137 - Supreme Haotian Badge

The talismans did not show any reaction after several slashes.

The two experts in the Master Realm were dumbfounded.

What was he doing?

Why were his attacks so weak?

They were about to speak when Qin Nan suddenly thought of something. He unleashed the blood talisman in his body and slashed at the talismans.


The Ten Immortals Demon Suppressing Formation underwent a series of explosions.

The ten powerful talismans began to crack into pieces. The runes spreading from them dissipated too.

The formation that trapped two experts in the Master Realm was destroyed so easily.

"HAHAHA, we finally made it out!"

Two figures flew out from the top of the mountain following the burst of laughter.

They were a young man and a middle-aged man. The young man had faint golden long hair. He was wearing rugged armor. His face was a little feminine. The middle-aged man had a square face and thick brows. His outfit was made of sackcloth.

"Cultivator, thank you so much! We..."

The two looked at Qin Nan. The middle-aged man brought his fists together. He froze in the middle of his speech.

They were shocked.

"Aren't...aren't you Qin Nan?" the middle-aged man asked.

The incident that occurred when Qin Nan achieved the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm had a great influence. Most Masters of Dao had remembered Qin Nan's face because of it, and these two were no exceptions.

"Yes, I am," Qin Nan nodded.

"Holy crap!"

The middle-aged man cursed. The young man was astounded too.

Qin Nan's aura was clearly in the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm!

Why would he come here with his cultivation?

The Battlefield of Aeon might not have any restrictions on a person's cultivation, but a Nine Heavens Supreme would most likely be dead by the time they reached the place!

"What's wrong?" Qin Nan was confused.

"Oh, right, you are Zhou Xiao's reincarnation, so you could have made it with his capabilities..."

The middle-aged man murmured instead of answering his question. He soon wore a calm expression and said, "Nothing, we only made it here after putting in a lot of effort and overcoming grave dangers, yet you are here unharmed. The difference between us is just too immeasurable."

The young man asked coldly as he recalled something, "Aren't you at the Dao Seeking Land? How did you come here?"

Qin Nan already thought of an excuse. He said, "I accidentally entered an ancient forbidden land in the Void Heaven Realm. It transported me here. The news about me being at the Dao Seeking Land was fake."

The young man and the middle-aged man were not suspicious of him.

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The truth was, they would never believe it if Qin Nan told them he had come from the Westernmost Land.

"May I know your names?"

"I'm Cheng Mu, you can call me Brother Cheng. He's Yi Shi."

Qin Nan immediately brought his fists together, "Brother Cheng, I accidentally came to the Battlefield of Aeon, so I'm still unfamiliar with this place. Can you tell me more about it?"

Cheng Mu was about to speak when Yi Shi said expressionlessly, "It's fine if you want us to tell you, but we won't share the loot we promised with you."

Cheng Mu frowned, but he did not say a word.

Qin Nan was not concerned about the loot at all. He waved his hand. Cheng Mu smiled, "Qin Nan, sorry for taking advantage of you. The things we know aren't necessarily secrets either."

He added after a brief pause, "This place is extremely huge, so it's split into the south, middle, and north sectors. We are currently in the Southern Battlefield." 

"The Center Battlefield isn't really dangerous, but the Southern Battlefield and the Northern Battlefield have thirty-three forbidden areas in total. Each one of them is absolutely terrifying. Every Nine Heavens Supreme will die in them. Ugh, you are an exception. We are currently in the ninth forbidden area." 

Qin Nan finally understood why the two were so surprised to see him.

The ninth forbidden area. It was ranked quite high on the list.

"As for the rest, ugh, I'm not sure what else to tell you. Just ask me what you want to know," Cheng Mu scratched his head. 

"Brother Cheng, I'm more curious about how does a Master of Dao achieves the Ruler Realm here?" Qin Nan asked.

"HAHA, you are just like me back in the days. I was curious about it too when I was only a Nine Heavens Supreme!" 

Cheng Mu burst out laughing and said, "The Ruler Realm is a little different from becoming a Nine Heavens Supreme or a Master of Dao. It's a little complicated."

"There are places specifically for achieving the Ruler Realm during the era of the four Supreme Highnesses, but they are completely destroyed. When the war ended, our seniors in the Master Realm have no choice but to look for a way in the Battlefield of Aeon." 

"Our ancestors came up with a rule. Every Master of Dao must swear the Hundred Years Oath after they achieve the Master Realm."

"This Hundred Years Oath asks every Master of Dao to stay in the Battlefield of Aeon for three months every one hundred years to fulfill the requirement of having a great crowd around for people to achieve the Ruler Realm."

"The rule has passed down until today. There's even a faction calls the Hundred Years Alliance. Their job is to make sure the Masters of Dao are following the rule. Oh, I forgot to mention, if any Master of Dao is unwilling to obey the rule, every Master of Dao must hunt them down regardless of their identity."

Qin Nan asked when a thought crossed his mind, "Is the next gathering happening soon?" 

Cheng Mu shook his head and said, "It's still early. The next one should be seventy years from now."

Qin Nan was startled. How was the copper mirror going to achieve the Ruler Realm this year?

"Were you thinking what if you want to achieve the Ruler Realm earlier before the gathering happens?"

Cheng Mu laughed and said, "Our ancestors have already come up with a solution. There's a Heaven Highness Weapon in the Battlefield of Aeon. Legends say it's related to your past life's father. It's called the Supreme Haotian Badge!"

"Our ancestors found the badge and modified it. If someone places the soul of a Ruler of Dao and three fragments of Heaven Highness Weapons, a corpse of a Ruler of Dao, and one hundred and eight Immortal Blessing resources in it, they would be able to trigger the Battle of the Masters earlier!"

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