Chapter 2136 - The Supreme Savior
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2136 - The Supreme Savior

Qin Nan walked into the woods. The surroundings were perfectly still and quiet.

The strange thing was, he did not pick up any aura nearby too. He could not even sense the living presence of the trees, as if everything was dead, like the pitch-black sea.

Luckily, the woods were not as huge as the sea. It only took Qin Nan around the duration of an incense stick to walk out of it.

The scenery began to change too.

In front of him was a spacious valley with lots of ravines. The big ones were around a hundred thousand zhang long while the small ones were at least ten thousand zhang long. The rift was also filled with distortions around that were a hundred zhang or even ten thousand zhang wide.

The whole place was filled with ancient auras in a chaotic state.

Some auras stood out because of their exceeding power.

The place was even worse than the Westernmost Land, since the Westernmost Land only had the Heaven-Shrouding Qi, but there were too many kinds of Qi here. If anyone's cultivation was not strong enough, it might go haywire very easily.

Qin Nan proceeded forward. The auras avoided him as if they were afraid of him.

Qin Nan was not too surprised. Something else had caught his attention. He felt something as he was observing the surroundings. It was different from the vibe that the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm had given him.

"The battle in the past had messed up the rules of this place. It was more like a whole new land instead of describing it as the end of the First Immortal Realm," Qin Nan murmured.

The sight alone was a clear indication of how terrifying the battle was.


Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

A strong glow with wisps of crystalline auras appeared in front of him. It was slowly approaching him as its aura grew stronger.

Was it dangerous?

The wisps of auras combined into a stone around the size of his palm as the thought crossed his mind. It floated toward him like a jade that had just been refined.

The jade stopped when it was around a zhang away.

"Is it not dangerous?" Qin Nan frowned.

He summoned an illusionary hand and grabbed the jade after a slight hesitation.

The jade did not show any reaction when he held it.

Qin Nan inspected it with the Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle. His expression shifted when he sensed a mystical energy inside it.

"I'll keep it for now," Qin Nan put the jade into his storage bag and continued forward.

He was slow and cautious at first, but he soon increased his speed to his limit and swept across the sky like a ray of light.

He realized even when he noticed some obvious dangers, they simply ignored him when he went past them.

According to Qin Nan's speculation, it was likely that Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue's presence had kept them at bay.

It was definitely good news for him. Otherwise, it would be meaningless if he could not even overcome the danger before he found Empress Feiyue.

Time gradually passed. Two days were gone.

The same strange jades kept approaching him. He had already collected a hundred and thirty of them.

Qin Nan also encountered various kinds of terrifying auras and the will of the ancient Daos that left lasting marks in the rift.

Normally, Qin Nan would stop and comprehend it to see if he could learn anything useful, but he was not in the mood for it now.

"This isn't going to work. I have to find someone as soon as possible!" Qin Nan murmured.

He was unfamiliar with the Battlefield of Aeon. He was only wasting his time flying around aimlessly.

Qin Nan was not so lucky this time. He only found something after traveling for three days.

He was currently in front of a few half-destroyed mountains which formed a mountain range.

He heard a series of explosions from the top of one of the mountains that was dark red like the color of blood. Two terrifying existences that exceeded the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm were attacking something on it.

Qin Nan guessed the two Masters of Dao were trapped by something. Perhaps they had gone inside the mountain as he only heard noises without picking up any Dao Arts of aura of the Master Realm.

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Qin Nan immediately used the Sky-Stride Blow to land on the top of the mountain. He found golden runes across it with ten ancient talismans at the center like it was some kind of a formation.

"Is someone there?"

The two Masters of Dao were startled.

"Friend, if you're willing to lend us a hand, we'll give you two-tenths of our loot!" a voice said.

Even though they sensed that Qin Nan's aura was only at the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, they believed he was an expert of the Master Realm. He might even be a peak Master of Dao!

Ordinary cultivators in the Master Realm would not dare to come to this place!

As for why he had the aura of a Nine Heavens Supreme?

It was pretty obvious that certain experts of the Master Realm did not want people to know what their true cultivation level was. Some Masters of Dao also had a strange behavior of letting others mistook them as Nine Heavens Supremes so they could surprise them later.

"Oh? What should I do?" Qin Nan was a little surprised.

The two Masters of Dao were asking a Nine Heavens Supreme for help?

"You are currently outside the Ten Immortals Demon Suppressing Formation. You can attack its eye directly, which is the ten talismans!" another voice said.

"I don't mind lending you a hand, but you must swear an oath not to attack me later. Deal?" Qin Nan said.

The Immortal Demon Oath was not so useful against Masters of Dao, but it still had some effects on them.

"Of course!"

The two immediately swore an Immortal Demon Oath.

"Very well, but you shouldn't warn me if my help isn't doing much," Qin Nan reminded.

He unleashed the Heaven-Shattering Saber and attacked the ten talismans after the two Masters of Dao gave their promise.

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