Chapter 2139 - The City of Darkness
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2139 - The City of Darkness

It took Qin Nan fifteen days to journey through the twelve and twenty-first forbidden areas.

He had collected four hundred jades.

"This must be the City of Darkness?" Qin Nan murmured.

The place ahead was dark without any source of light.

A huge black city over a hundred thousand zhang li long was floating in the air. Its walls were covered in holes and marks. Some of them still were still emitting an ancient will.

The entrance had a lot of holes too as if it was about to collapse.

However, Qin Nan could sense a terrifying aura inside the city. Even his Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle could only catch a glimpse of it.

Qin Nan did not stop for long. He soon flew into the city.

A mystical gray mist suddenly surrounded him when he set foot into the city.

"Mm?" Qin Nan did not sense any danger from it. He then looked ahead.

The streets had a few dozen people, each encapsulated by a gray mist, making it impossible to see their faces. Even his eye-technique was able to see through it. He could only sense their cultivation.

"It seems like everyone's identity is concealed inside the city," Qin Nan was overjoyed. It was going to save him a lot of trouble.

"It seems like this City of Darkness is perfect for me," Qin Nan murmured.

He was unable to contact the copper mirror, nor did he know what her current situation was. He had no idea when she was going to use the Supreme Haotian Badge, thus there was nothing he could do but to wait. 

The City of Darkness could guarantee his safety. Many Masters of Dao and special existences were here in the City of Darkness too. He could easily tell from their reaction whether the copper mirror had used the Supreme Haotian Badge.

"A Nine Heavens Supreme?"

"Tsk tsk, a Nine Heavens Supreme dares to come to this place?"

Qin Nan immediately caught a lot of attention. Some of them were obviously looking down at him.

It was rare to see a Nine Heavens Supreme in the City of Darkness. Most factions did not even allow their members and disciples to come here.

However, they were not too surprised either.

After all, anyone could come to the City of Darkness after crossing the Center Battlefield. It was not impossible for a Nine Heavens Supreme to come here.

Qin Nan ignored the crowd. He went forward while browsing through the items on the stalls.

Most of the vendors were mysterious existences who were nurtured by the Battlefield of Aeon. Their auras were completely different from the cultivators. Some had a strong demonic aura while others had souls with overwhelming power. A few of them did not even have any living aura. 

The items they were selling were very strange too, but each had a strong aura. Even the fragments were at least the level of the Dao-Seeking Weapon. 

Qin Nan was interested in some of them, but he had nothing to trade with the vendors. These mysterious existences would never be interested in the things he had.

Qin Nan visited a few streets. There were not many people around. Some of them were completely empty.

"Why is there a huge crowd over there?"

Some time later, Qin Nan noticed around fifty people gathering in front of a seven-floored palace. Twenty of them were Masters of Dao, while the others were mysterious existences from the Battlefield of Aeon.


Qin Nan suddenly picked up two familiar auras inside the palace.

"Those auras, could they be Mo Xie and Wu Tian?"

Qin Nan immediately walked toward the palace.

Cheng Mu and Yi Shi were transmitting their thoughts to one another in the crowd. Both had a displeased look as if they had a disagreement. 

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"Nine Heavens Supreme?"

Many among the crowd were astounded.

"A Nine Heavens Supreme is here?"

Cheng Mu and Yi Shi were startled. Who was so bold to come here? 

Their eyes widened when they looked at Qin Nan. 

Even though they were unable to see Qin Nan's face, they had only met him recently, thus they were familiar with his aura. 

"Did he really..."

Their hearts pounded heavily. They subconsciously took a deep breath.

They did not think Qin Nan was able to cross the twelve and twenty-first forbidden area when he was only a peak Nine Heavens Supreme!

Not to mention it had only been fifteen days!

The two of them were familiar with the route when they went searching for treasure by following a map. It still took them thirteen days to return here!

In other words, Qin Nan did not encounter any danger along the way!

From what they knew about the twelve and twenty-first forbidden areas, even a Ruler of Dao would surely find themselves in some kind of danger.

"I didn't expect us to meet again," Qin Nan said with a smile when he sensed their presence.

" did you do it?" Yi Shi could not help but ask. 

"You mean how did I cross the two forbidden areas? I was pretty lucky. I wasted fourteen days just to reach the twelfth forbidden area, but I found a teleportation formation that transported me to somewhere close here," Qin Nan said. 

"A teleportation formation?"

Yi Shi and Cheng Mu did not believe a single word Qin Nan said.

Every place in the Battlefield of Aeon was mixed with various ancient auras and will which disrupted the rules of the Heavens and Earth, making it impossible to construct a teleportation formation.

They would have done it long ago if it was possible.

"Cultivator Qin Nan, you are quite amusing," Yi Shi wore a smile. His attitude soon shifted, "I'm sorry that we couldn't bring you here after you've helped us. Hope you won't mind."

He added after a brief pause, "How about this? Since you are here, why don't you come with us to the Black Auction?"

Qin Nan felt like laughing, yet he did not show it on the surface. He asked, "Black Auction? What's that?"

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