Chapter 2140 - Important Guest
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2140 - Important Guest

Yi Shi explained, "Normally, we won't trade with the mysterious existences from the Battlefield of Aeon since oaths like the Immortal Demon Oaths do not apply to them. Many people were scammed in the past."

"The Demon Palace decides to hold a Black Auction once every three months which guarantees we will receive the item we bid for during the auction."

Qin Nan asked, "The Demon Palace? Why have I not heard of them before?"

Yi Shi smiled, "It's normal that you haven't heard of them. The Demon Palace is quite mysterious. It only exists in the City of Darkness. It isn't related to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm." 

"Rumors say the Dark Palace is established by the lord of the City of Darkness. Some Rulers of Dao wanted to hold on to their possessions when they agreed to trade them, yet they ended up honoring the deal in the end." 

Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

He was guessing that the Demon Palace was a faction established by Mo Xie, Demon Emperor Wutian, and Huangfu Jue's old subordinates.

"The Black Auction sounds quite interesting. Can I tag along too?" Qin Nan brought his fists together.

"Of course, it's nothing," Yi Shi and Cheng Mu waved their hands.

As a matter of fact, the rules of the Black Auction stated that every cultivator who wanted to take part in it must offer something to get the entry ticket.

They did not want to bring Qin Nan along before, but they had now changed their mind.

Qin Nan was able to bypass the danger in the twelfth and twenty-first forbidden areas. How significant was that?

Being able to ignore the danger of those two forbidden areas was already an outstanding capability, even if it was not the case for other forbidden areas!

The two forbidden areas had countless fragments of Heaven Highness Weapons and Dao Seeking Weapons. There were also corpses of Rulers of Dao and many other valuables!

If they could join hands with Qin Nan...

"We shouldn't treat Qin Nan like that if we knew better," Cheng Mu and Yi Shi regretted their decision.

It was no use being regretful. Their focus now was to establish a close relationship with Qin Nan.

A man in a black robe whose face was hidden came out of the Demon Palace. He said with a hoarse voice, "Fellow cultivators, you may now enter."

The Masters of Dao and mysterious existences immediately rose to their feet.

"Cultivator Qin Nan, let's head over," Yi Shi said.

Qin Nan nodded and followed the two to the entrance.

A figure whose aura was slightly stronger than Cheng Mu and Yi Shi’s suddenly blocked their path.

"Yun Ao, what do you mean by this?" Cheng Mu said coldly.

"Cheng Mu, Yi Shi, since when do you stop following the rules? Do you think a Nine Heavens Supreme has the right to go inside?" Yun Ao said coldly.

"Is there a rule like that?" Qin Nan frowned and transmitted his voice.

"Even though it's rare for a Nine Heavens Supreme to participate in the Black Auction, there is no rule that forbids Nine Heavens Supremes from taking part in it. Cheng Mu and I once stole Yun Ao's fortunate encounter, so he must have come to find us trouble because of it," Yi Shi explained. 

"Yun Ao, from what I know, the auction doesn't forbid Nine Heavens Supremes from entering! Or perhaps you are treating like the Demon Palace is yours, that you can come up with any rule as you please?" Cheng Mu said.

"HAHAHA, Cheng Mu, there's no point accusing me like that! That being said, a Nine Heavens Supreme has no right to take part in the Black Auction. Fellow cultivators, do you think we should let a Nine Heavens Supreme join us?" Yun Ao burst out laughing and glanced at the cultivators and the mysterious existences.

"He's right, it's meaningless for a Nine Heavens Supreme to take part in the auction!"

"The auction is clearly beyond the level of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. Come back when you have achieved the Master Realm!" a Master of Dao and some other mysterious existences said.

They were not friends with Yun Ao, nor did they receive any benefits from him. They were only displeased by the fact that a Nine Heavens Supreme wanted to join the auction.

These cultivators were all in the Master Realm. They were more or less from the same circle. A Nine Heavens Supreme is weaker than them and isn't going to give them any benefits. They did not want a Nine Heavens Supreme to ruin their circle.

Yi Shi and Cheng Mu frowned.

They finally found a chance to befriend Qin Nan again. If they failed to bring Qin Nan inside, they would not be able to work together again. If they insisted to bring Qin Nan inside, they would offend some people.

"Screw it!"

The two soon made up their minds.

The man in a black robe suddenly brought his fists together at Qin Nan and said, "Fellow cultivator, we have just received an order from our master. From today onward, you will be an honorable guest of the Demon Palace. You may enter and leave Demon Palace freely, and you won't have to pay the Demon Palace the extra fees."

The crowd was startled.

Yun Ao's expression froze too.


Cheng Mu and Yi Shi were dumbfounded too.

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It was not easy to become an honorable guest of the Demon Palace.

In the past, only experts in the Ruler Realm were able to njoy it.

The experts in the Master Realm rarely enjoyed the same treatment.

"The son of a Supreme Highness is indeed very resourceful," Cheng Mu and Yi Shi took a deep breath after collecting their thoughts.

Cheng Mu and Yi Shi took a deep breath.

Cultivator Yun Ao, can we enter now?" Yi Shi said with a calm smile.

Yun Ao's fac darkened when he collected his thoughts.

He was initially going to make Cheng Mu and Yi Shi feel uncomfortable, yet he did not expect it would end up like this.

"Hehe, it was normal for anyone to join the auction."

Yun Ao shrugged. He said indifferently, "However, having a great background and being considered an honorable guest isn't going to make any difference. A Nine Heavens Supreme won't be able to afford the items in the Black Auction," Yun Ao turned to the palace after finishing the sentence. 

The other Masters of Dao were a little displeased too, but they did not say a word.

"Qin Nan, don't mind them. If you see anything that suits you, we can buy one for you," Yi Shi told Qin Nan.

"Thank you for the offer, but that won't be necessary. I only came out of curiosity," Qin Nan shook his head.

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