Chapter 2141 - A Will-less Soul Jade
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2141 - A Will-less Soul Jade

Qin Nan followed Cheng Mu and Yi Shi to the fifth floor of the Demon Palace after the little mishap.

Even though most of the participants of the auction were Masters of Dao and mysterious existences nurtured by the Battlefield of Aeon, there was not anything special about the venue. It had a stand at the center on a stage made of red immortal wood.

"Welcome, fellow cultivators, to our auction," a skeleton with dark red bones around three zhang tall came out from the back and brought his fists together at the crowd.

"A unique existence," Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment following a glance.

The skeleton was different from the skeletons in the Westernmost Land. Its body did not have any sign of life, but a different mystical energy.

"We shall not waste our time any further. Let's start with the first item."

Two men in black robes carried a purple wooden box over a zhang tall with carvings of flowers out from the back. It started crackling before blossoming like a flower after the two men performed a hand seal. 

Inside the box was a vivid stone lion made of some kind of ancient white jade. It was emitting a shocking aura like a beast above all living creatures even though it had not been activated.

The only defect was the stone palace was missing an ear and a fang. 

"We have appraised the Demon Palace and determined this statue as a Dao-Seeking Weapon that is only damaged by twenty percent. It's the Statue of the Howling Moon Celestial Emperor. It's an artifact of a Ruler Realm expert during the ancient times. Once it's activated, it can..." the red skeleton explained.

Qin Nan gasped in awe even though he had seen a lot of astonishing objects in the city.

The Black Auction was indeed extraordinary. The first item was already close to a complete ancient Dao-Seeking Weapon. What about the rest?

How shocking would the last item be?

"Alright, we should all know its value by now. The starting price will be a Will-less Soul Jade. Let's begin," the red skeleton smiled.

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"Two Will-less Soul Jade!"



A few voices began calling.

Unlike the auctions that Qin Nan had been to before, when a mysterious existence bid five Will-less Soul Jade, the whole place fell silent temporarily. Many frowned as if they all thought it was not worth bidding five Will-less Soul Jades for it.

"What is the Will-less Soul Jade? Is it very valuable?" Qin Nan asked.

"Many Rulers of Dao and even Heaven Highnesses had died in the ancient battle. As their souls have reached a certain cultivation level, the energy of their souls merged with the Heavens and Earth after they fell."

"When the energy gathers under certain circumstances, it will form a Will-less Soul Jade. Not only is it useful for cultivators in the Master Realm or Ruler Realm, it has great benefits for the mysterious existences too."

"Therefore, it's used as the main currency in the Black Auction."

Yi Shi said, "However, these Will-less Soul Jades are extremely rare. Five Will-less Soul Jades is most likely the ceiling. No one is going to bid for it after him."

No one had bid with a higher price after a few moments as Yi Shi had mentioned. The red skeleton knocked the hammer on the podium.

"It's formed when the soul energy between the Heavens and Earth gathers..."

Qin Nan thought of something. He said, "Can you show me a Will-less Soul Jade?"

Yi Shi was startled. He took out something from his storage bag.

It was around the size of a palm like a jade. It had a mystical glow like it possessed some magical energy in it.

"It's really those crystals!"

Qin Nan was overjoyed.

He had obtained four hundred of them as he was crossing the forbidden areas!

If something that was almost a complete Dao-Seeking Weapon only cost him five Will-less Soul Jades, he could easily afford eighty of them!

"I didn't expect I can absorb these Will-less Soul Jades to myself on top of avoiding danger in the forbidden areas because of the influence of my two past lives. I wonder how many of them will I end up with if I stay in the forbidden areas a little longer," Qin Nan thought.

"HAHA, an honorable guest of the Demon Palace has never seen a Will-less Soul Jade before? What a pity, Yi Shi and Cheng Mu are quite stingy if they didn't give you a few so you can take part in the auction. Why don't I lend you a few pieces so you can participate too?" Yun Ao who happened to see what was going on scoffed.

Yi Shi and Cheng Mu wore a displeased look. They were about to say something when Qin Nan spoke, "That won't be necessary. I don't usually borrow stuff from people."

Yun Ao smirked and stopped talking.

The auction continued on. Most items were taken after people bid around three to five Will-less Soul Jades for them.

Qin Nan started to pay more attention after learning he had plenty of the currency to bid for the items. He observed every item carefully, but he had yet to say anything because none of them was useful for him so far.

"The next item has always been many cultivators' favorite," the red skeleton said.

It flipped its palm and revealed a silver bone covered in various runes. It was emitting an ancient aura.

"This is the bone of an expert in the Ruler Realm. Based on our appraisal, it has only lost three-tenths of its power. If anyone can refine it...time for the bids."

A few voices immediately followed after the skeleton finished its sentence. Yun Ao who had been silent throughout the auction suddenly yelled, "Seven Will-less Soul Jades!"

The Masters of Dao who were shouting their offers shook their heads.

Normally, the bone of a Ruler of Dao would only be worth around six Will-less Soul Jades. It was meaningless to bid any further when Yun Ao bid seven Will-less Soul Jades.

"Finally!" Yun Ao's eyes flickered passionately when he saw the bone.

The others might be unaware, but he knew the bone was related to a succession. The benefits the bone would give him were far beyond its value.

"No one is bidding for it? Then I guess the person with the last bid..."

The red skeleton scanned the crowd and was about to hit the hammer on the podium when a voice said, "Eight Will-less Soul Jades."

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