Chapter 2142 - Wuzhu
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2142 - Wuzhu

Did someone just bid eight Will-less Soul Jades?

The cultivators and the mysterious existences shared the same thought. They subconsciously looked in the direction of the voice.

"Who? Who bid eight Will-less Soul Jades?" Yun Ao was taken by surprise. He immediately glanced in the direction of the voice.

Everyone was startled following a glance.

No one thought the bidder was the only Nine Heavens Supreme at the auction!

"Senior, am I not allowed to bid for it?" Qin Nan ignored everyone's gaze and asked the red skeleton with a smile.

"Ugh, of course not, you are more than welcomed to bid for it since you are our honorable guest. Eight Will-less Soul Jades. Any other takers?" the red skeleton asked after collecting its thoughts.

"Yi Shi, Cheng Mu, how nice of you two to try and compete with me!?" Yun Ao wore a dark expression.

He assumed Qin Nan was bidding for the item under Yi Shi and Mu Cheng's instructions. 

Otherwise, how could a Nine Heavens Supreme afford to pay eight Will-less Soul Jades?

"Eight Will-less Soul Jades and ten Immortal Blessing resources from me! By the way, I should remind you not to follow someone else's instructions blindly. There are times when your background isn't as useful as you think," Yun Ao said coldly. He was blatantly threatening Qin Nan. 

"Qin Nan, you..."

Yi Shi and Cheng Mu were dumbfounded.

They did not ask Qin Nan to bid for the item.

"Nine Will-less Soul Jades," Qin Nan said while nodding at them.

"It seems like Qin Nan is purposely raising the price because he realized Yun Ao is determined to get it," Yi Shi and Cheng Mu thought.

Even though raising the price of an item on purpose was going to offend the bidder, they too were displeased with Yun Ao's attitude. They did not mind stepping on his toe in return.

"Nine Will-less Soul Jades and ten Immortal Blessing resources!" Yun Ao clenched his fists.

"Cultivator Yun, I'm only a Nine Heavens Supreme, but I'm still raising my bid one Will-less Soul Jade at a time, yet you as a Master of Dao is only raising your offer by ten Immortal Blessing resources. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?' Ten Will-less Soul Jades," Qin Nan said.

He could not care less about Yun Ao's intention, yet he had been mocking him since they first met. It was time for payback now that he had the chance.

Did it matter if the guy was a Master of Dao?

Qin Nan would fall out with him when he was provoked even if the guy was a Ruler of Dao.

"Eleven Will-less Soul Jades!" Yun Ao said with a displeased look.

"Thirteen Will-less Soul Jades. Cultivator Yun, it's a little boring to add one at a time. We should make it two," Qin Nan said.

The Masters of Dao and the mysterious existences twisted their lips.

They realized how reckless the Nine Heavens Supreme was!

They were bidding with Will-less Soul Jades. The price would only go up by two every bid when something insane appeared in the auction.

They assumed Qin Nan was purposely messing with Yun Ao under Yi Shi and Mu Cheng's instructions.

"Cultivator Qin Nan, we shouldn't go so far. What if Yun Ao decides to back away..."

Yi Shi and Mu Cheng were shocked. It was not like they were unable to afford thirteen Will-less Soul Jades, but it was clearly not worth paying thirteen Will-less Soul Jades for the bone of a Ruler of Dao.

"Fourteen Will-less Soul Jades! Kid, you shouldn't cross the line..." Yun Ao clenched his teeth.

"Sixteen," Qin Nan said before Yun Ao finished his sentence.

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Yun Ao was enraged. A formidable aura burst out from his body and spread in the hall.

"Humph, Yi Shi, Cheng Mu, it seems like you've earned a lot recently. You are willing to pay sixteen Will-less Soul Jades for the bone of a Ruler of Dao. You can take it if you're so fond of it," Yun Ao mocked after calming down.

His heart was bleeding even though he did not show it on the surface. He had the urge to beat the crap out of Qin Nan right now.

If he kept increasing the price, the others would assume Qin Nan had played him like a fiddle when Qin Nan gave up eventually. He would end up as a laughing stock.

If Qin Nan decided to keep raising the price, he would have to pay a lot more Will-less Soul Jades than what the bone was worth.

"Qin Nan..."

Yi Shi and Mu Cheng were startled.

"Don't worry, you won't have to pay on my behalf," Qin Nan transmitted his thought. He knew what they were thinking.

"'re paying it yourself?" Yi Shi and Mu Cheng were startled.

How could a mere Nine Heavens Supreme afford to pay so many Will-less Soul Jades?

"Hang on!"

Yi Shi and Mu Cheng suddenly realized how easy it was for Qin Nan to obtain some Will-less Soul Jades if he could ignore the danger in the twelve and twenty-first forbidden areas.

"Yun Ao, that's what you get for picking on Qin Nan!"

Yi Shi and Cheng Mu grinned.

Qin Nan was also in a great mood.

The others might think he was played by Yun Ao, yet he had plenty of Will-less Soul Jades to spare.

It was definitely worth it to spend a few more Will-less Soul Jades just to mess with a Master of Dao.

The auction continued.

All kinds of fragments and remains of cultivators were presented.

Yun Ao did not bid for any of them. None of the items had caught Qin Nan's attention too. They both watched the auction in silence. However, Yi Shi and Cheng Mu did bid for an ancient scroll.

"Fellow cultivators, the auction is almost reaching the end. Today, we have something special before the final item."

The red skeleton took out a talisman and smiled, "This talisman is made by someone called Wuzhu, an existence nurtured by the Heavens and Earth in the nineteenth forbidden area. Its as strong as a Master of Dao in the Greater Success Stage. It will protect the person who has this talisman for a month."

"It will do everything to protect the bearer of the talisman within its capabilities. The Demon Palace guarantees its validity," the eyes of many cultivators glittered.

If they could get Wuzhu's help, they might be able to venture deeper into many forbidden areas and claim a lot of insane successions.

"However, the starting price is a little high. It's forty Will-less Soul Jades!"

The restless cultivators frowned after the red skeleton finished the sentence.

They had been in similar situations in previous auctions, yet forty Will-less Soul Jades were asking too much.

"No one is bidding for it? If so, let's move on to the final..."

Qin Nan said before the red skeleton could finish, "Forty Will-less Soul Jades."

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