Chapter 2143 - Recruiting Soldiers
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2143 - Recruiting Soldiers

Qin Nan was very excited.

He did not expect he could recruit an expert in the Greater Success Stage of the Master Realm to protect him for a month with just forty Will-less Soul Jades.

"Did...did you say forty?"

The red skeleton's eyes were filled with astonishment.

Everyone in the hall shared the same reaction.

Wasn't the Nine Heavens Supreme supported by Yi Shi and Cheng Mu?

Since when did Yi Shi and Cheng Mu own so many Will-less Soul Jades?

"Yi Shi, Cheng Mu, it seems like you two have earned a lot recently!"

Yun Ao's eyes flickered jealously.

The Nine Heavens Supreme had bid forty Will-less Soul Jades and sixteen Will-less Soul Jade previously. Yi Shi and Cheng Mu had also spent eight Will-less Soul Jade on the ancient scroll, a total of sixty-four Will-less Soul Jades.

However, he had only saved up twenty Will-less Soul Jades until now.

"I'm bidding for it myself. They have nothing to do with it," Qin Nan said.

"You? HAHAHA, kid, it's not like I'm looking down on you, but how are you supposed to get Will-less Soul Jades when you're only a Nine Heavens Supreme? Even if you have some kind of background, it will only give you a few Will-less Soul Jades at most. Why would you have so many of them?"

Yun Ao burst out laughing with a strong hint of disdain. 

The other Masters of Dao and mysterious existences agreed.

"Cultivator, you have bid for two items which require more than fifty Will-less Soul Jades. You will have to pay upfront. Are you fine with it?" the red skeleton asked.

"Not a problem," Qin Nan flicked his finger and threw a storage bag at the red skeleton. Inside it were exactly fifty-six pieces of Will-less Soul Jades.

"The Talisman of Wuzhu is yours," the red skeleton brought his fists together and said.

"HAHA, why go through all the trouble? You must have gotten the Will-less Soul Jades from Yi Shi and Cheng Mu, right? Kid, it's just a little auction. Why are you trying so hard to stand out..." Yun Ao said with a smirk.

However, Qin Nan shocked them further before Yun Ao could finish, "If anyone is willing to offer their help like Wuzhu, I'll pay you forty Will-less Soul Jades too. If you are a peak Master of Dao, I'm willing to add ten more Will-less Soul Jades."

Everyone's heart skipped a beat after hearing the words.

If Qin Nan was being serious, he would have to pay eighty Will-less Soul Jades if two Masters of Dao agreed to serve him!

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Yi Shi and Cheng Mu might be Masters of Dao, but they had only achieved the Greater Success Stage not long ago. They were not resourceful enough to pay another eighty Will-less Soul Jades!

"Could it be..."

A shocking thought crossed their mind.

"Kid, you shouldn't bluff so much! Do you know the consequences if you can't keep your promise? What if someone actually believes you?" Yun Ao was a little gloating. 

He strongly believed the Nine Heavens Supreme was only trying to get more attention. 

"If he's recruiting on behalf of Yi Shi and Cheng Mu, he could only recruit one more Master of Dao at most. He should not make it sound like he was able to recruit many of them. 

"Cultivator Yun is right, that was my bad. I didn't have many Will-less Soul Jades left. I can only offer around five to six peak Masters of Dao. I don't have enough if there are more than that," Qin Nan said apologetically.

"Five...five to six peak Masters of Dao?"

Almost everyone thought they had heard it wrong.

Five to six peak Masters of Dao would cost around three hundred Will-less Soul Jades!

"Of course, in case someone thinks I can't afford to pay so many Will-less Soul Jades? I shall show you them first."

Qin Nan waved his hand and scattered the Will-less Soul Jades in the air. He had spent fifty-six Will-less Soul Jades just now, so the remaining three hundred and forty-six were glowing in the air.

"So many Will-less Soul Jades!"

"A hundred and thirty-four of them!"

The Masters of Dao and the mysterious existences were startled.

Normally, they would only be a little shocked if a Ruler of Dao took out so many Will-less Soul Jades at a time. However, the guy was only a peak Nine Heavens Supreme!

Everyone finally realized how terrifying the Nine Heavens Supreme's background was!


Yun Ao was dumbfounded.

"Is Cultivator Yun interested?" Qin Nan asked with a smile.

"Hehe, I'll pass. I'm a little busy this month," Yun Ao forced a smile.

He had seriously embarrassed himself! 

"Young man, I like your sincerity. I don't mind taking the offer, but is fifty Will-less Soul Jades a little too less? Can you add a little more?"

"Cultivator, I'm only in the early stage, but I can guarantee your safety even if you are against a Master of Dao in the Greater Success Stage. Can you give me forty of them?"

Many cultivators and mysterious existences voiced out after collecting their thoughts.

There were at least seven to eight who were interested.

"Everyone, I think you may discuss it privately once the auction is over. We will now proceed to the last item," the red skeleton said helplessly.

"I see, fellow seniors, we shall discuss later," Qin Nan brought his fists together and said.

The others finally stopped talking to him so the auction could continue.

Yun Ao had already left when the others were not paying attention. He was too ashamed to stay in the hall.

The last item was the corpse of a Heaven Highness, but the asking price was too high, so no one bid for it.

The red skeleton had just declared the end of the auction. Its face froze as the crowd was about to leave. It said, "Cultivator, can I have a few words with you?"

Qin Nan looked around him before he asked, "Are you...talking to me?"

The red skeleton nodded and said respectfully, "Yes, my master just told me to bring you to the seventh floor." 

Many were startled once again.

The seventh floor was not open to ordinary people. Only experts in the Ruler Realm had been to the seventh floor before. The Masters of Dao were not qualified enough.


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