Chapter 94 – Quadra Kill
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 94 – Quadra Kill

It was true that Lu Ping was in a disadvantageous position, but the four cultivators from Hai Yan Sect and Shui Yan Pavilion also didn’t dare to press forward with their full prowess. The leading Hai Yan cultivator had seen Lu Ping killing the Fei Yu cultivator before and knew that he still had tricks up his sleeve. So, he reminded his companions to play it safe and gradually wear him down.

Lu Ping had several ways to change the battle in his favor. For example, he had two talisman treasures, and either one could immediately break the stalemate. However, those were life-saving trump cards—Lu Ping wasn’t willing to use them aside from times of crisis.

Besides, they were not a real manifestation of his prowess. Right now, Lu Ping wanted to fight with his own abilities against these four.

However, Fei Ling Island was full of dangers, and he also needed to save time to harvest more spirit herbs. If the battle dragged on for too long, the resources on the island would be completely harvested by others. Therefore, Lu Ping hesitated on how to end the battle in a swift and clean manner.

At this moment, the only female cultivator amongst the four, Wang Hui-Min from Shui Yan Pavilion, suddenly threw out a dozen spirit stones and several spirit materials in different directions. Lu Ping noticed her action and knew what they were for.

Is she trying to set up an array formation in the middle of the fight?

Lu Ping was feeling a little surprised as he’d never encountered this kind of fighting style before.

Wang Hui-Min threw another dozen spirit stones twenty feet in front of Lu Ping. He quickly realized that she was trying to move her initial array formation to the battlefield.

Now that he’d seen through her plan, Lu Ping naturally wouldn’t let her do as she wished. With his Flying Swallow Sword, he cast a move from the [Disarrayed Rocks Puncturing Sword Art]—the [Waves Curbing Flying Boat]. It stopped the mystic instruments attacking him for just a second, allowing him to recall his sword back to his side.

In the midst of the cultivators’ confusion, two sword lights flashed forward; like a torrential flood breaking through a dam, they surged fiercely towards the four cultivators.

In the midst of the water waves were a pair of swords—the Soaring Wing Swords Lu Ping brought out from Zhen Ling Sect’s Blood Condensation Treasure Vault. The swords flew out in a straight line, the secondary sword in the front followed by the primary sword on the back. The swords were cast in a move known as the [Rear Waves Pushing Front Waves] from the [Stormy Waves Crashing Shore Sword Art].

The Shui Yan cultivator wielding the flying spear was caught off guard. He felt a giant wave ramming his face and sent him flying backwards—a second giant wave followed and shattered his defensive mystic instrument.

Shortly after hitting the ground, he hurriedly turned to retreat. But before he could, the third giant wave had swept in already, and it slammed fiercely against his body. The cultivator felt lightheaded, his vision blurr

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