Chapter 95 – Fighting for Spirit Herbs
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 95 – Fighting for Spirit Herbs

Lu Ping had fought with four Third Layer Blood Condensation cultivators, all while using high-grade mystic instruments. His arcane energy had long been depleted after killing them.

Even with the help of high-quality Spirit Regenerating Pellets, Lu Ping still used half a day to finish replenishing his lost arcane energy.

Fei Ling Island was only open for eighteen days, and Lu Ping had spent nearly three days on Cang Mountain alone. Hence, he didn’t stay any longer and quickly headed for Xiang Lu Mountain.

A day later, Lu Ping, who had carefully avoided the many dangers on the path, finally saw Xiang Lu Mountain ahead of him.

But a quarter’s way up the mountain, the rumbling noise of a collision between array formations and mystic instruments could be heard. Lu Ping was anxious, it seemed like the battles had already begun. There were always lucky people everywhere.

Lu Ping looked over from a distance, and soon noticed six cultivators sieging an array formation set up by four other cultivators. The six cultivators were from Xuan Ling Sect, Cang Lang Sect, Fei Yu Sect, and Ling Gu Sect.

Lu Ping was startled, he hurriedly took a few steps forward, and only then did he see that two of the cultivators in the array formation were from Zhen Ling Sect, and the other two were from Cang Hai Sect and Chong Ming Sect respectively.

The four of them cooperated well with each other. Although they were in a disadvantageous position under the siege of six cultivators, they were not in much danger for the moment.

At this time, both parties had already noticed Lu Ping’s arrival.

The cultivators in the array formation were elated. The leading Zhen Ling cultivator—whom Lu Ping knew as Wei Zi-Heng—suddenly said to the leading Xuan Ling cultivator, “Zhang Wei-Qing, six against four and you still couldn’t defeat us, and now someone has come to our aid. If you insist on continuing, are you not worried that the newly discovered alchemy room will be snatched away?”

Zhang Wei-Qing was the leader of the six cultivators, and he was clearly moved by Wei Zi-Heng’s words. He looked back at Lu Ping for a moment and saw the other party raising a pair of Yan Ling Swords while heading their way.

Zhang Wei-Qing pondered for a moment and then grunted angrily, “Brat Wei, I’ll let you live this time!”

With that declaration, he turned and said to his team, “Retreat!”

The other five men were about to resist the order when Zhang Wei-Qing said sternly, “The alchemy room is more important!”

Immediately, the five men retracted their thoughts and the team quickly rushed towards the top of Xiang Lu Mountain.

Wei Zi-Heng and the rest watched as the Xuan Ling team left the battlefield, all four of them heaving a breath of relief.

Then, Wei Zi-Heng said, “Junior Brother Lu, you came just in time. Let me introduce you to our two friends from Cang Hai Sect and Chong Ming Sect.”

The Cang Hai cultivator was called Qian Xue-Qin; the Chong Ming cultivator was called Tian Zong-Liang. As for the other Zhen Ling cultivator, whom L

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