Chapter 93 – Pavilion of Smithery
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 93 – Pavilion of Smithery

Lu Ping looked at the huge ruins in front of him, the remnants of what used to be Fei Ling Sect’s Pavilion of Smithery. The ruins seemed to tell the story of Fei Ling Sect’s glorious days.

Lu Ping spent a whole day searching through Cang Mountain. Although there were some gains, unfortunately, they were not as good as those in the spirit herb garden. So Lu Ping decided to search the ruins of the Pavilion of Smithery.

He walked in the middle of the ruins, hoping to find something good. At the same time, he felt a sense of wonder and wanted to pay homage to the magnificent ruins.

The Pavilion of Smithery was such an important place that every cultivator entering Fei Ling Island would come to explore. Hence, he wasn’t expecting to find anything nice lying around.

On the other hand, Dabao was like a running meatball as it explored the ruins, the dust on the ground turning his originally yellow fur into a grayish color. From time to time, Dabao would give Lu Ping fragments of broken mystic instruments it found. And whenever he praised it, Dabao would react with excitement.

When Lu Ping reached the middle of the ruins, an object in his interspatial pouch suddenly quivered. He glanced around his surroundings and saw nothing but desolation. He then took out a big jade box from his interspatial pouch.

Lu Ping opened the jade box, revealing a blue fire flickering inside. It was his most precious possession—the Azure Spirit Fire.

Lu Ping had already finished refining the spirit fire and claimed ownership over it. But because he practiced pure water cultivation, he never placed the fire on his body, but kept it in a spirit jade box in his interspatial pouch.

At this time, Azure Spirit Fire quivered slightly, Lu Ping who was connected to it mind and soul, knew that this was a resonance between spirit fires. His spirits suddenly lifted, could there be a hidden chamber with a heaven-and-earth spirit fire somewhere in the ruins? After all, this was Fei Ling Sect’s Pavilion of Smithery, it was normal to have such an item here.

Lu Ping followed Azure Spirit Fire’s senses and came to the end of a large hall in the ruins, which looked like a back room. As he approached the room, Azure Spirit Fire’s resonance grew more violent, but Lu Ping still found nothing after carefully searching the entire back room.

While he quietly pondered where the resonance was coming from, Dabao suddenly made a discovery in the corner of the back room. Lu Ping hurried over and saw Dabao circling in the corner, using its paws to scratch the floor from time to time.

But this was the Pavilion of Smithery, the floor was paved with rough steel lapis, so it was impossible for Dabao to dig through it.

Lu Ping searched the corner carefully, but still found nothing. Then, he used his divine sense to sweep the spot and found a faintly discernible ripple of spiritual energy beneath the pavement. Taking out a flying sword, he pried open the lapis slab from the corner.

A small basement appeared before his eyes. Lu Ping carefully

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