Chapter 9 - Impasse
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Lu Ping didn’t give Li Sheng a chance to fight back and continued to add on to the suppression. Li Sheng couldn’t use his mystic instrument at all nor was he able to lash out any high-grade charms. He only managed to cast a few mid-grade charms which couldn’t even diminish Lu Ping’s golden armor.

By now, Li Sheng had also realized that Lu Ping’s high-grade charm was actually a blood charm. He never thought his opponent would spend so many spirit stones just for a blood charm—seems like he was also somewhat wealthy. 

Lu Ping jabbed his sword at Li Sheng’s shoulder but the master immortal hosting the arena had already shot out a spell onto Li Sheng’s body, protecting him from Lu Ping’s mystic sword. Lu Ping put away his sword and stood upright as the master immortal announced his victory.

Lu Ping’s opponent in the afternoon’s second match was also another Seventh Layer disciple. However, this disciple wasn’t as wealthy as Li Sheng and only owned a high-grade mystic weapon. 

Naturally, Lu Ping took this opportunity to use his opponent to hone his state of “Technique”, ultimately claiming victory with minimal effort.

At night, Master Immortal Liu escorted Group 7 participants and they returned to their rooms in the side hall courtyard. Group 7’s results on the first day of the competition were delightful. All twelve disciples won their first match with the help of a bit of luck and entered the second round of matches. This made Master Immortal Liu extremely happy and earned him the shock and congratulations of the other master immortals. 

But unfortunately, a few disciples had drawn bad lots and were matched with stronger disciples. The seventh, eighth, ninth, and eleventh disciple was defeated. Even Sixth Senior Martial Brother Guo Lin who had just entered the Eighth Layer didn’t make it to the third round as his opponent was unfortunately a Ninth Layer disciple from Group 1. They both used all their mystic instruments and high-grade charms, with Guo Lin still losing the battle.

Theft is never good, try looking at

Even so, seven disciples from Group 7 had successfully made it into the list of top 64 participants. This made Group 7 the fourth in position among all the other Grade 2 groups, whereas Group 1 was in the first position with nine disciples, and Group 5 and Group 18 were listed together in the second position with eight disciples.

What shocked Lu Ping most was that the twelfth disciple Zhang Zicheng had also entered the list of top 64 disciples. It seemed like even the eleventh disciple Li Cheng was not a match for him.

As Master Immortal Liu was in a good mood, he commented on the performances of each and every disciple in their battles. His comments provided many insights that the disciples missed or didn’t know, and they all learned a lot. This also made the five defeated disciples feel a lot better.

It was only now that Lu Ping learned the First and Second Senior Martial Brother, and the Fourth Senior Martial Sister have also entered the state of “Techniq

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