Chapter 8 - Betting
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While Lu Ping was blaming himself for his jinx-causing thoughts, he took out a high-grade blood charm, [Golden Steel Spell], and slapped it on his body. Immediately, golden rays with faint lines of red light spread from the charm and covered Lu Ping’s body like a golden armor.

A screeching noise was heard when the three crystal ice blades clashed with the golden rays, and the ice blades shattered to the floor in bits and pieces. The golden rays on Lu Ping’s body also dimmed down in luminance but it still remained intact, protecting his body.

Li Sheng was actually planning to secure the upper hand of the battle by forcing Lu Ping to put everything into defending from the high-grade charm, and maybe even get injured badly from it.

But little did he expect that Lu Ping would take out another high-grade charm to counter his. This meant that his following plan wouldn’t work anymore, and all his preparations were worthless now. Just how could he not be disappointed and depressed?

Then, as Li Sheng readied himself to switch plans and continue pressuring Lu Ping into defending, he suddenly realized that the other’s high-grade charm was still in effect, the golden rays still remained instead of fading away. How was that possible?

Li Sheng saw clearly with his own eyes that Lu Ping used a high-grade charm. Normally, the clash between two high-grade charms should cancel each other out, no?

While Li Sheng was momentarily stunned by this situation, Lu Ping didn’t hesitate at all. Not only did he not slow down, he was actually filled with fury now. The blood charms were one of his hidden trump cards, and yet, he was forced to expose them right in the first match. Moreover, one high-grade charm costs three spirit stones, so a high-grade blood charm would be worth at least five spirit stones!

This was a wasteful battle that bled out spirit stones!

In all his ten years of cultivation, the one thing he could never stand to forgive was wasting resources! If Li Sheng’s act of throwing away his own charms made Lu Ping a little unhappy, then being forced to use his own charm made him unimaginably angry!

Seizing the opportunity while the blood charm was still in effect and Li Sheng’s momentary pause in attacks, Lu Ping used his recent attainments in the state of Technique and cast the [Blood Condensation Bone Melting Fist] like a ball of impenetrable strikes as he moved towards Li Sheng.

Lu Ping’s cultivation base was stronger than Li Sheng’s from the start and his foundation was also more solid. It was the difference in mystic instruments and the charms that forced Lu Ping to passively defend himself. But as soon as he seized the chance to turn from passive to active, his attacks only struck stronger than ever.

Li Sheng now finally had a taste of his own actions. Just a moment ago, he was the attacker, full of pride and feeling all high and mighty as he suppressed his opponent, but now he was the one being overpowered.

That’s fine! It was fine even if he fell to a lower position in bat

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