Chapter 7 - Battle
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The old man wore a green Dao robe. He was none other than the Zhen Ling Side Hall’s dean, Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master Xuan-Yong.

Enlightened Master Xuan-Yong had the appearance of a friendly and amiable neighborhood grandfather, and he was highly respected by the master immortals and the disciples. Standing beside him in the center of the arena were two middle-aged cultivators wearing Dao robes.

Enlightened Master Xuan-Yong smiled and said, “Master immortals, your merits are undeniable when it comes to the disciples’ achievements!”

The master immortals quickly bowed and thanked him for the praise.

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Then, Xuan-Yong pointed to the two beside him and said, “I assume you must know them. But the disciples don’t know who they are yet, so they should still introduce themselves.”

Afterward, he continued to point toward the slender cultivator on his left and said, “This is Enlightened Master Xuan Su.”

Then, he pointed to the red-faced cultivator on his left and said, “This is Enlightened Master Xuan Ce.”

The disciples were shocked to learn that they were both Enlightened Masters!

After all, how could the disciples not be shocked and excited? It was already a rare event in their lives to see Dean Enlightened Master Xuan-Yong, who was also the side hall’s one and only Blood Condensation Realm cultivator.

Most of the disciples could only see him during the five-year competition. And now, there were three Enlightened Masters that came for the competition this year. If they put up an impressive performance in the competition and earned any one of the Enlightened Masters’ interest in taking them as direct disciples, they could immediately become an inner hall disciple! Advancement into the Blood Condensation Realm wouldn’t be a problem anymore!

Lu Ping looked at the three Enlightened Masters on stage and although he was envious of their prowess, he kept a cool head. For the Enlightened Masters to come for just a Grade 2 disciple’s competition, something big must be going on and this year’s competition must have a higher significance!

However, Lu Ping was puzzled—what kind of event could bring the Core Forging Realm Enlightened Masters to this little competition for Blood Refining Realm disciples?

The assignment of matches were carried out in pairs and through drawing lots, and the matches would be held in the eight smaller arenas. The first round in the morning would select the top 128 disciples, and the second round later that afternoon would select the top 64 disciples.

A small protective barrier was raised on the smaller arenas and Lu Ping immediately recognized that they were array formations used to prevent any attacks below the Blood Condensation Realm level from accidentally hurting the crowd.

Every arena was also hosted by a Blood Condensation Realm master immortal.

Enlightened Master Xuan-Yong didn’t drag things out and announced the start of the competition right away. Then, the disciples moved towards the center arena and starte

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