Chapter 6 - The Beginning
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 6 - The Beginning

The examination finished quickly and Lu Ping was naturally not worried about failing at all.

In the last month, three more disciples had broken through to the Sixth Layer, making a total of 34 Sixth Layer Blood Refining Realm disciples in Group 7.

However, judging by the expression on Master Immortal Liu’s face, Lu Ping strongly suspected that the three may have consumed a large number of medicinal pellets and spirit stones. They did so without regard to the medicinal toxicity and also the durability of their bloodlines, just to achieve a breakthrough.

Although the sect would not look down on them or disqualify their status, doing such a thing would leave serious and indiscernible damage to their body and cultivation base. This would make their progression into the Late Blood Refining Realm much more difficult compared to the rest.

The number of Seventh Layer disciples remained at twelve, which didn’t bring any surprise to Master Immortal Liu. However, Sixth Senior Martial Brother’s progression into the Eighth Layer earned him two-hour private tutoring sessions with Master Immortal Liu for three days.

Lu Ping remembered seeing Sixth Senior Martial Brother in the market the other day; he was there for the copper mirror mystic instrument. Perhaps after his recent breakthrough, he was looking for a suitable mystic instrument to better prepare himself for the upcoming competition. However, Lu Ping didn’t know if he found another mystic instrument of his own after missing out on the copper mirror.

Today, Master Immortal Liu appeared punctually on the stone stage as usual. He looked at the twelve disciples that were qualified to compete in the competition and said, “The sect has decided to increase the prizes in the competition this year. Every Grade 2 disciple in the Late Blood Refining Realm will be given 20 spirit stones; the top sixty-four will get 40 spirit stones; the top thirty-two will be given another 20 cultivation-increment medicinal pellets; the top sixteen will receive a low-grade mystic instrument each; and

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