Chapter 5 - Copper Mirror
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 5 - Copper Mirror

Lu Ping slowly stopped his cultivation and breathed out a mouthful of faint red gas. This was the medicinal toxins of the Blood Purification Pellet. Then, he left the wasted spirit stone to the side and sank his senses into his body, feeling the spiritual energy in his bloodline that was on the brink of entering the late-stage Seventh Layer. Lu Ping was a little excited.

In the battle with Li Cheng yesterday, Lu Ping spotted an opening in Li Cheng’s stance at the 22nd move and seized the chance to turn the tide of the battle; he lashed out eight continuous attacks, and at the 30th move, he locked onto Li Cheng’s spear and lashed his sword toward Li Cheng’s wrist, forcing him to let go of his spear and admit defeat.

The switch of attacker and defender all happened too quickly. Li Cheng who was still aggressively attacking moments ago was defeated in an instant. It shocked not only the disciples that were initially cheering for Li Cheng, but also the higher position disciples and Master Immortal Liu’s assistants. The few disciples who were close to Lu Ping in cultivation strength also started staring at him vigilantly.

Lu Ping couldn’t help but give a bitter smile—it looked like he’d unintentionally taken the spotlight and attracted unwanted attention to him.

Usually, Lu Ping would’ve wounded Li Cheng lightly to teach him a lesson. But he read what Li Cheng couldn’t see on Master Immortal Liu’s face when issuing the challenge, which is why he didn’t injure Li Cheng this time.

Sure enough, when Master Immortal Liu noticed that neither of them was injured, this meant the group’s top-notch prowess would not be compromised in the competition. Right away, he looked at Lu Ping warmly. Then just like before, Master Immortal Liu specifically asked Lu Ping to stay and gave him a one-on-one tutoring session.

Now even the First and Second Senior Martial Brothers were envious of him. Sessions like this had only happened to a few of the disciples, and only after breaking through to the Eighth Layer.

The First and Second Senior Martial Brothers each had an additional session when Master Immortal Liu joyfully saw them achieving the Ninth Layer. Another exception was the Fourth Senior Martial Sister who came from a family close to Master Immortal Liu and thus, she had received two additional sessions.

Lu Ping calmed his thoughts and revised the contents imparted to him by Master Immortal Liu.

To most cultivators, the purpose of cultivation was to extend their lifespan and even more important, to attain the impossible immortality. However, having a long life didn’t mean a cultivator would live until they died of old age. In order to protect themselves on their journey along the path of cultivation, various kinds of skills were created and enhanced.

After eons of efforts, practices, studies, and developments, the skills used to defend cultivators on their path to longevity were classified into four states: Adept, Technique, Force, and Intents.

Beginners would learn the skills as instr

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