Chapter 4 - Challenge
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 4 - Challenge

Back in his room in the courtyard, Lu Ping couldn’t help but smile when recalling the power of Landslide after testing it in the forest. But shortly after, his smile turned bitter when he thought of the amount of energy it cost him to cast the mystic instrument.

Although it was powerful, it used up almost half the spiritual energy in his bloodlines. Hence, it could only be good for a one-time kill shot during a fight.

There were only three months left until the competition. This meant he would have to spend more time in cultivation, but obviously, he couldn’t neglect his skill practices as well. After all, the competition didn’t just test one’s cultivation base.

Fortunately, he still had many spirit stones and medicinal pellets for the month, barely enough to cover him for the month’s long cultivation. This was something he had never experienced before.

Two months flashed by just like that. Not only did Lu Ping’s cultivation base not slow down as expected, but he was also reaching mid-stage Seventh Layer.

Lu Ping attributed this to the breakthrough in his cultivation base which positively increased the success rate of his charm-crafting. This in turn allowed him to earn more cultivation resources for himself. Another reason he could think of was his solid cultivation foundation.

Even now, Lu Ping was still sticking to his usual habits and routines. He would craft charms every three days and was able to maintain an average success rate of 80 charms every month, half of which were mid-grade charms and a dozen more high-grade charms. 

He even succeeded in crafting seven top-grade charms over the past two months which he gladly converted into blood charms. 

As usual, Lu Ping would go to the market on the last day of the month and would return with a hundred spirit stones every time. Right now, Lu Ping felt like he was a rich guy and every day he would spend a spirit stone and consume a Blood Purification Pellet for his cultivation.

One could only consume one medicinal pellet a day, otherwise the over-excessive medicinal toxicity would harm the body and affect one’s cultivation in the future. If not for that, Lu Ping would definitely consume two Blood Purification Pellets in his daily cultivation.

On the other hand, the Zhen Ling Side Hall disciples have also been preparing themselves and getting ready for the year-end examination and competition.

Group 7 was no exception to that either; the group disciples have been cultivating really hard recently.

The tense ambiance shrouded the disciples and they squeezed out every single bit of energy they had left for training. They gave everything they had these past five years into their cultivation progress. As such, they managed to break through their cultivation layers one after another.

The minimum requirement to qualify as a Grade 3 disciple was to be in the Sixth Layer Blood Refining Realm. Initially, there were only 27 disciples who had achieved this in Group 7, but four others had seen a breakthrough in their cultivation and reached the Sixth

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