Chapter 3 - Landslide
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 3 - Landslide

Flush with the success of crafting a top-grade charm, Lu Ping was excited to continue. For the following month, he attempted to create another top-grade charm but only succeeded twice. However, he did see a huge increase in the success rate for crafting high and mid-grade charms.

On the last day of the month, early in the morning, Lu Ping carried the bag filled with charms and left the side hall, heading for the market.

As the side hall competition was coming soon, the market also turned extraordinarily vibrant and lively. There were even several strong cultivators flying across the market in the sky above, drawing envious eyes from the crowd. 

Lu Ping paid one spirit stone as a fee to the market and found a place to set up his stall. He wore the mask distributed to him by the market’s managing cultivator and opened up his bag. 

Inside of the bag, there were 36 low-grade charms, 36 mid-grade charms, and on the topmost space were six high-grade charms. The high-grade charms were mostly charms infused with supportive spells. After all, why would Lu Ping be willing to take out and sell high-grade charms enchanted with powerful offensive or defensive spells?

The charms immediately caught the crowd’s attention after he revealed them and soon, a cultivator wearing green robes came up and asked for the charms’ selling price.

“One spirit stone for three low-grade charms or one mid-grade charm, and three spirit stones for one high-grade charm,” Lu Ping changed his voice and answered coldly.

A middle-aged cultivator he met in the market who also engaged in charm-crafting and trading business suddenly went missing one day, and ever since then, Lu Ping was extremely cautious when trading in the market.

The aforementioned cultivator was incredibly good at crafting charms and was an Eighth Layer Blood Refining Realm cultivator. His name was widely known among cultivators and he had guided Lu Ping in charm-crafting before as well. 

However, one day, he somehow succeeded in crafting a top-grade charm and let slip his achievement to the public. After that day, Lu Ping never saw him anymore. His family and friends searched everywhere but couldn’t find him at all, not even his body.

In comparison, Lu Ping was only a Seventh Layer Blood Refining Realm cultivator but now surpassed the missing cultivator in charm-crafting. Hence, it was only natural that he prioritized his safety more than anything else.

The cultivator in green robes smiled bitterly and said, “My fellow friend, aren’t they a bit too expensive?”

Lu Ping maintained the same tone in his voice, “They are stronger than other charms of the same grade.”

The cultivator picked up one of the mid-grade charms, sensing the spiritual energy inside, and said, “Indeed.” 

After that, he seemingly wanted to continue speaking, but after seeing Lu Ping’s unflinching stance, he shook his head and said, “One each for the mid-grade Golden Steel Charm, Golden Sword Charm, and Swift Wind Charm. Three each of those same charms but in low-grade form.”


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