Chapter 2 - Blood Charms
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 2 - Blood Charms

Lu Ping returned from Spirit Vault Pavillion with a dozen spirit stones and eight Blood Purification Pellets. The spirit stones were cultivation assistive materials and were also used as a trading currency. The Blood Purification Pellets were used to purify the Blood of True Spirit and improve one’s cultivation progress.

As one of the Zhen Ling Side Hall disciples, Lu Ping and his peers were a special group of disciples whose status fell between the outer disciples and inner disciples of the Zhen Ling Sect.

The Zhen Ling Sect took them in from a young age and nurtured their growth, all for free. That’s why they didn’t need to feed themselves and find their own cultivation resources like the outer disciples. And the Zhen Ling Sect only did so to raise its own reserve force for the sect.

However, if the side hall disciples weren’t able to reach the Ninth Layer Blood Refining Realm within fifteen years, they would be demoted to the outer disciples, who not only needed to find their own food and resources but also serve the sect’s orders.

In the Zhen Ling Side Hall, five years marks one grade, so fifteen years marks three grades. Lu Ping had been in the side hall for ten years now and so he was a Grade 2 disciple. 

The lowest passing line to qualify as a Grade 2 disciple was to attain Fourth Layer Blood Refining Realm in prowess. Whereas for the examination held at the tenth year, if the Grade 2 side hall disciples were unable to reach Sixth Layer Blood Refining Realm, they would be disqualified from becoming Grade 3 disciples and subsequently demoted to be outer disciples instead.

Every month, two spirit stones were given to the Fourth Layer Blood Refining Realm Grade 2 disciples. An additional Blood Purification Pellet was given to the Fifth Layer Blood Refining Realm Grade 2 disciples, and two more spirit stones to the Sixth Layer disciples. 

As the Seventh Layer was difficult to break through and marks the start of the late-stage in the Blood Refining Realm, stepping into the Seventh Layer would greatly increase one’s prowess. 

Subsequently, the welfare given by the sect would also be increased correspondingly. The Seventh Layer Grade 2 disciples would be given almost twice as much as the Sixth Layer disciples, coming to a total of six spirit stones and three Blood Purification Pellets. 

On top of that, the sect would also reward the late-stage Blood Refining Realm disciples with ten spirit stones upon their breakthrough, and twice that amount to those that achieved it before the age of eighteen. 

The reason for this was rumored to be because the disciples had a higher chance of entering the Blood Condensation Realm if they entered the Late Blood Refining Realm before eighteen. 

Lu Ping had no idea if the rumor was true, but what he did know was that only one in a hundred could make it through from the Blood Refining Realm to the Blood Condensation Realm. It was the dragon’s gate—leap through it, and one could transform from a carp to a soaring dragon in the skies. 

Once a disciple has

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