Chapter 10 - Overcoming
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 10 - Overcoming

The moment Lu Ping threw out the blood charms, Yuan Zhan inwardly cursed at his wasteful actions. Even the disciples below the stage were in a furor at seeing the blood charms. They were shocked by Lu Ping’s wealth!

Yuan Zhan’s [Earth Wall Spell] was just from a normal charm; surely it couldn’t withstand an attack from a blood charm? He quickly slapped another [Earth Shield Spell] on his body and simultaneously cast out his one and only high-grade blood charm. 

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

The blood charm turned into a fire dragon and swallowed the fire crow before exploding into bits of fire scattering the surroundings.

On the other hand, Yuan Zhan’s mystic weapon shot out a few sword rays and managed to shatter the [Water Binding Spell], but he wasn’t able to defend himself from the [Falling Stone Spell] anymore. 

Three huge stones each weighing more than a thousand pounds rammed against Yuan Zhan’s protective charms and broke through his defenses. Yuan Zhan was forced back in disarray by the irresistible force.

Lu Ping quickly seized the chance to follow up with more attacks. He attacked with sword skills while casting spells with his left hand. A barrage of attacks rained on Yuan Zhan. The speed of casting spells was on par with the swiftness of his sword strikes.

In the center arena, Master Immortal Liu saw Lu Ping taking the upper hand in battle and his spell-casting speed. His exclamation of surprise garnered the other master immortals’ attention.

“He attained the state of “Technique” for spells. How rare!” commented one of the master immortals.

“Sword skill, and now spells. He attained the state of “Technique” for both. Now this complicates matters!” declared another master immortal.

Perhaps Master Immortal Fang was the only one unhappy to see this turn of events. He sneered coldly but kept his expression placid. However, if one observed closely, they would see a look of calculation in his eyes.

Lu Ping now had the advantage, and with his latest attainment in spells, his spirits surged high and he continued to pressure Yuan Zhan with stronger and faster attacks. 

On the other hand, Yuan Zhan managed to hold his ground relying on his cultivation base that was a layer higher.

He was angry and annoyed with this sudden change in events. Yuan Zhan initially planned to save his trump card for the later matches with the Ninth Layer disciples but it looked like he had no choice now.

A silver sword appeared above Yuan Zhan’s head, accompanied by the crowd’s exclamations of shock. A flaring ray of silver light extended out from the sword tip, pointing towards Lu Ping.

Immediately, Lu Ping felt a painful sensation on his face as if a sword was poking his skin!

“A mystic instrument! It’s a mystic instrument!” In the midst of the uproar, Yuan Zhan smiled viciously as he infused arcane energy into the long sword.

When Lu Ping saw Yuan Zhan revealing the mystic instrument, his face turned solemn but he wasn’t flustered.

If Lu Ping could

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