Chapter 11 - Leng Qian
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 11 - Leng Qian

As soon as his opponent was announced, all of Group 7 sighed and mourned despondently. They all looked at Lu Ping with sympathy and had a—‘Senior Martial Brother, you’re done for’—look on their faces.

Lu Ping could even feel the gloating expressions from people like Li Cheng.

Clad in a red blouse, Shi Lingling walked to Lu Ping’s side and chuckled. “Tenth Junior Martial Brother, give it your best! I have faith in you!”

Lu Ping stayed silent and blushed while the disciples laughed happily.

Yao Yong also walked to him and said, “Do your best. Junior Martial Brother, although you’ve already proven yourself. Even if you lose this match, no one can mock you for your defeat.”

Du Feng didn’t say anything, but he, too, nodded at Lu Ping while passing by.

These three were the strongest disciples in Group 7 and formed their own small circle as friends. If not for Shi Lingling’s disinterest in challenging for third place, she would already be the Third Senior Martial Sister a long time ago.

For the three to encourage Lu Ping in his upcoming match, it clearly showed their acknowledgment of his prowess.

Leng Qian was in the Ninth Layer, a cultivation layer even higher than Shi Lingling’s. The two of them were known as the “Two Maidens”, not only due to their high cultivation layers, but also because they were the two most beautiful girls among the Grade 2 disciples.

In the side hall, there were close to a thousand Grade 2 disciples. Among them all, there were five who entered the Late Blood Refining Realm before the age of fourteen. These five were known as the “Five Talents”.

Two of the five managed to cultivate to the Ninth Layer; Lin Sheng of Group 1 and Leng Qian of Group 14. Although Leng Qian had broken through to the Ninth Layer just recently, one could discern how strong she was.

Unlike Shi Lingling’s cheerfulness, Leng Qian always put on a never-changing ice-cold face that alienated her from others. Even so, there were still countless disciples trying their luck on her, only to be ignored without fail.

Lu Ping walked up onto the stage where Leng Qian, clad in white, stood there waiting.

He greeted her as part of the match’s rules and asked, “Senior Martial Sister, shall we?”

Then, he took out his high-grade mystic weapon and stood in a sword stance, ready for the battle.

Leng Qian felt curious—it seemed like Lu Ping, this dark horse, was really different from the rest. Usually, the other disciples would still act a little humble and ask for her mercy before the match began, but this guy just came forward and prepared to fight right away.

Little did she know that Lu Ping had already seen way too many beauties in his past life, so much that he was immune to those so-called beauties. Despite being a natural beauty, Lu Ping never had a thing for the ice-cold ladies like Leng Qian.

With a wave of her hand, Leng Qian brought forth a top-grade mystic weapon. With another swing, she cast the [Jade Lady Sword Styles] sword skill, aiming for Lu Ping’s right shoulder.

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