Chapter 12 - Breakthrough
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 12 - Breakthrough

However, this wasn’t the time for Lu Ping to be amazed by Leng Qian’s mystic instrument. All he could feel was the oppressive pressure above him and his growing predicament. Lu Ping could even sense that the master immortal hosting the arena was ready to save him at any moment.

Out of urgency, Lu Ping cast out his copper mirror and poured all of his arcane energy into it. At the same time, he released two high-grade blood charms at Leng Qian, hoping that they could slow her down.


Pong, pong—

After a few loud dins, the copper mirror was almost smashed away by the metal hammer while Lu Ping himself felt a strong force slamming onto his chest, pushing him back to the edge of the arena.

Thankfully, the blood charms did manage to distract Leng Qian and she couldn’t follow up with another attack. Otherwise, even if Lu Ping could withstand a second strike, he would still be pushed out from the ring and lose the match.

Lu Ping looked up with frustration when he saw a shield-type mystic instrument hovering in front of Leng Qian. The shield was blocking his blood charms from getting to her.

Of course—of course—she would have two mystic instruments! Although Lu Ping already expected this, he still had the small wild wish that he didn’t have to see it with his own eyes.

The battle was taking too long, Lu Ping’s arcane energy was close to depletion. Unfortunately for him, medicinal pellets were prohibited in the matches, otherwise, he could have fought a little longer with his mystic instrument. 

After seeing that his blood charm attacks weren’t working, Lu Ping focused on charging the copper mirror to repel Leng Qian’s second attack with her mystic instrument.


Another loud din could be heard as Lu Ping once again repelled the metal hammer. At the same time, the blood in his body surged quickly, attracting and absorbing the spiritual energy from his surroundings in order to regenerate arcane energy. Although the regeneration speed was slow, it was still better than nothing.

Seeing that Lu Ping stopped attacking and switched to full defense, Leng Qian swung her sword and dashed forward to attack him. Lu Ping lamented in his heart and rolled sideways to evade her.

Meanwhile, the metal hammer above him kept slamming at him nonstop. In addition to moving and rolling on the ground to dodge her sword strikes, he really looked like a mouse chased around by a fox.

The crowd laughed loudly in mockery at first, but slowly turned quiet when they saw Lu Ping repelling Leng Qian’s mystic instrument three times in succession and evaded most of her sword strikes.

Is he really a Seventh Layer? 

After a long match of skills, he can still cast a mystic instrument three times. What strong and abundant arcane energy!

The battle had been going on for more than an hour and had gathered a huge crowd. Right now, they were the only pair of participants that had yet to finish their match.

Lu Ping felt a fire burning in his heart. He had never been in such a miserable state before, let alone from a young

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