Chapter 13 - Rewards
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 13 - Rewards

Zhen Ling Side Hall, Grade 2 Group 7’s courtyard, Lu Ping’s room.

In a dark room, a pair of eyes opened. Lu Ping raised his hand and a small flame appeared at the tip of his finger. Then, with a flick, the small fire was catapulted to the oil lamp on the table, lighting up the room.

The room was not big, only a few yards in width and length. The furniture was simple and crude, and there were only a few essential items. It was clear that Lu Ping lived a simple life of pure cultivation.

More than half a month had passed since the competition. Lu Ping’s Eighth Layer Blood Refining Realm cultivation finally solidified. He thought back to what happened in the competition and still couldn’t shake off his lingering fears.

During the last match, Lu Ping’s spiritual energy had completely depleted. Without the spiritual energy’s help in consolidating his breakthrough, his newly attained cultivation layer would collapse like a run-down building in no time. If that happened, the best Lu Ping could wish for was a demotion to Seventh Layer; the worst scenario was a serious internal injury that could take years to recover.

This was why after dispensing with his final attacks, he didn’t even look at the match result and fell to the ground immediately to cultivate.

Fortunately, he wasn’t too late to help himself. Furthermore, Master Immortal Liu gave him another precious high-quality Essence Recuperating Pellet to aid his cultivation. And so, he was able to stabilize his cultivation breakthrough in time. However, he was unable to participate in the competition on the second day and could only forfeit his match.

For the next half month, Lu Ping secluded himself in his room to recuperate his injuries and consolidate his cultivation base.

Lu Ping was scared the breakthrough would leave indiscernible injuries that would affect his future cultivation progress. So he meticulously inspected and consolidated every part of his body with his arcane energy and triple-checked for assurance.

After half a month, Lu Ping finally finished his cult

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