Chapter 14 - Understanding The Heart
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 14 - Understanding The Heart

The “Four Prodigies” were naturally the top four of the competition. Yao Yong was one of them.

The “Five Talents” were the five youngest in the top 16. Among them, four were ladies and they were also the only four females to make the list. This made Shi Lingling unhappy and so she challenged the only male in the “Five Talents”. He was a Ninth Layer disciple but she could still defeat him. The challenge was carried out in front of everyone and so she replaced his position in the “Five Talents”.

The remaining top 16 were collectively known as the “Seven Brutes”. Some even said that Lu Ping ranked first among the seven.

Lu Ping never cared for these matters, but was also helpless against his growing fame.

He was respectful toward Master Immortal Liu, especially after entering the Late Blood Refining Realm. Master Immortal Liu never held anything back during their tutoring sessions. Not to mention, his care towards him during his breakthrough on the stage.

Furthermore, it was because of Master Immortal Liu’s precious high-quality Essence Recuperating Pellets that pulled Lu Ping’s cultivation base from the brink of collapse.

The three tutor sessions included knowledge that left Lu Ping shaken and challenged his worldview.

On the first day, Master Immortal Liu elucidated everything about his cultivation progress and the common problems he would have to overcome in the Eighth and Ninth Layer as well as the precautions he would have to take. Master Immortal Liu also explained the preparations necessary to advance into the Blood Condensation Realm.

If one were to say that the difference in prowess between the cultivation layers in the Blood Refining Realm wasn’t that huge, then the Blood Condensation Realm was the line that separated the strong and the weak.

The type of cultivation method, the resources, the knowledge, wisdom, courage, determination, and last but not least, one’s luck—every single factor contributed to the difference in prowess between the Blood Condensation Realm cultivators.

It was a path full of frustrat

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