Chapter 15 - Profession
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 15 - Profession

The Grade 3 disciples seldom cultivated in the side hall. Most of them were out traveling in the real world for more experiences. They would hone their skills, increase their knowledge, complete the sect’s missions tasked to them, as well as find their own fate and fortunes.

Even for those disciples whose cultivation had yet to reach the Eighth Layer, they would only have a year to cultivate in the side hall before going out on their own. The sect would still give them tasks to complete and reward them accordingly in order to better prepare themselves.

Thus, only a few Grade 3 disciples were still in the side hall. Most of them would only return for the year-end competition.

Zhen Ling Sect was an experienced sect with a long history in the cultivation world. It knew that flowers grown carefully indoors wouldn’t be able to survive the scorching days and stormy nights like the flowers grown outside.

Hence, the disciples must be given their own space and freedom, and they must journey outside to fight for their own future. Only the strong could make it back alive and these were the elites the sect could truly entrust its future to.

After Lu Ping received Master Immortal Liu’s notice, he spent the next half year in cultivation, preparing himself to face the real, yet cruel, cultivation world.

After entering the Eighth Layer, Lu Ping’s charm-crafting mastery had also increased. He now produced fewer low-grade charms. Most of them were mid to high-grade charms, and even top-grade charms were not uncommon anymore. Right now, Lu Ping had stored a large reserve of top-grade charms for his own use.

In retrospect, Lu Ping didn’t actually use up all his top-grade charms during the competition. He held firm and kept the last trump card to himself. After all, if he revealed all of his top-grade charms, it would be impossible to keep his charm-crafting mastery a secret anymore.

The top-grade blood charms were almost as strong as the common spells of an Early Blood Condensation Realm cultivator. It was hard to tell if the sect would explicitly ask him to focus on charm-crafting and twist his profession into a charm-crafting master instead. That certainly didn’t align with his wishes.

In addition, Lu Ping didn’t participate in the following match. Otherwise, it would be nigh impossible to keep holding back if he wanted to win. After all, the prize for entering the top eight was a Blood Condensation Pellet. That was an item worth giving up his last trump card for. 

However, what’s done is done. There was no way he could turn back time to change the past. Lu Ping could only comfort himself with this thought.

That Blood Condensation Pellet—it was something he couldn’t get out of his mind!

The increase in his charm-crafting mastery also signified the increase in his spirit stone income. However, that also meant switching his medicinal pellets to the better and stronger Blood Essence Pellets which were more expensive. Hence, although he had the prizes from the competition and the welfare as an Eighth Layer d

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