Chapter 16 - Hunt and Ambush
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 16 - Hunt and Ambush

There was a forest that Lu Ping had to go through to get back to the side hall. After entering the forest, he took out a charm from his interspatial pouch and slapped it on his body.

A ripple passed through his body and he suddenly disappeared from the forest—it was an Invisibility Charm. Blood Refining Realm cultivators could only craft the simplest Invisibility Charm that could only make the user disappear from another’s vision.

But if a Blood Condensation Realm disciple was present, his divine sense could immediately sense Lu Ping’s location. Furthermore, any experienced and observant Blood Refining Realm cultivator could trace the tracks left behind in the surroundings and find out his location.

Not long later, two cultivators sneaked into the forest while carefully hiding in the cover of shade. Even though they moved stealthily, their speed was not slow at all. In just a few seconds, they reached the area Lu Ping had disappeared from.

Both cultivators came to a stop. One was the brawny man that Lu Ping met in the market, while the other had a tall and slender, bamboo-like stature.

The slender cultivator glanced around and said, “His traces end here. Seems like he noticed us and wiped his tracks.”

The brawny man gritted his teeth and said viciously, “He sure is intelligent for such a little prick. I’ve asked around. That prick’s made a name for himself for his high-quality charms. Sheesh, we could’ve enslaved him to craft all our charms and squeezed out everything he knew about the Zhen Ling Sect. He’s lucky to slip away.”

The slender cultivator frowned and chided unhappily, “Shut your mouth. We’re only hired to collect info on the Zhen Ling Sect. If we weren’t in such urgent need of a charm-crafter, why else would we target one of their disciples? That sect isn’t something our Cultivator Sharing Union can mess with.”

The brawny man gave an awkward smile and stayed silent. The slender cultivator carefully looked around and said reluctantly, “Maybe he hasn’t left. Maybe he just used an Invisibility Charm and he’

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