Chapter 17 - Loots
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Lu Ping couldn’t help puking when he saw the pile of mashed meat on the ground. A moment ago, that mound was still a living cultivator. He forced himself to step forward and loot the slender cultivator’s interspatial pouch.

Then, he cast an earth spell to dig a hole in the ground and buried what was left of the slender cultivator inside it. After that, he turned back to loot the brawny cultivator’s interspatial pouch and cast a fireball to burn his dead body into ashes.

Lu Ping took out a jade bottle from his own interspatial pouch and poured out a Spirit Regenerating Pellet. He consumed the pellet and his depleted arcane energy quickly recovered.

Lu Ping looked around him. Evening had fallen, the forest was dark and quiet. He made his way back to the side hall without looking back.

After Lu Ping left the forest, two silhouettes suddenly appeared in the sky. They stood in midair as if atop an invisible flight of stairs. This was an ability of the Blood Condensation Realm cultivators—the power of flight. 

The two looked at the battle marks left in the forest and exchanged a look. Then, with a delighted laugh, they turned and flew back to the Zhen Ling Sect’s mountain.

Lu Ping returned to his room and couldn’t wait to see his loot. He quickly opened up the two cultivators’ interspatial pouches.

When he saw the materials and resources inside, his feelings of elation wiped away the exhaustion from battle. So it seemed that not all rogue cultivators were poor. At least, not those two. 

However, to be able to gather this amount of wealth with their cultivation levels, and considering their menacing actions today, the Cultivator Sharing Union was definitely one of those vicious unions that robbed other rogue cultivators.

The first piece of loot that caught his eye was the spirit stones. Added together, they were more than three hundred spirit stones. To his surprised delight, two of these spirit stones were mid-grade. It was Lu Ping’s first time seeing one at that value.

As Lu Ping’s cultivation progressed, his wealth increased alongside it. However, the cultivation resources needed to support such progress had also increased correspondingly. 

Hence, though he was continuously crafting and selling charms to support his own cultivation progress, he only managed to gather a small amount of wealth at the end of the day. These three hundred plus spirit stones were definitely a sizable fortune to him.

Secondly, there were the medicinal pellets. The brawny cultivator had two bottles of Blood Essence Pellets that contained a total of 28 medicinal pellets, which just happened to be the amount Lu Ping needed in a month. This allowed him to save another month’s worth of medical pellets.

Whereas the slender cultivator was in the Ninth Layer, so he used Blood Refining pellets for his cultivation. Lu Ping found two jade bottles containing a total of forty medicinal pellets altogether.

Among the Blood Refining Realm medicinal pellets, Blood Refining Pellets were far superior to Blood Purification Pellets. T

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