Chapter 426 - Plans of Tian-Xiang
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 426 - Plans of Tian-Xiang

Tian-Hu and Tian-Xue weren’t happy or stunned as Lu Ping had expected. Instead, they looked fiercely at Lu Ping, with a barely suppressed anger flashing across their eyes. Tian-Hu kept silent while Tian-Xue frowned and said, “Why didn’t you tell us earlier? Are you eyeing my treasures?”

Lu Ping’s lips twitched, “What the? This is stupid. I have something people tried their very best to obtain, yet I can’t do as I please with it!”

He quickly recovered and replied casually, “I wanted to tell you earlier, but there was no chance last night. I wouldn’t have tried my best to acquire the recipe if it weren’t for my master.”

As a frequent liar, Lu Ping found it easy to do so. When the two elders learned that Lu Ping was doing this under the order of Liu Tian-Ling, they both exchanged glances happily.

Tian-Hu said, “Let me have a look.”

Tian-Hu scanned the contents of the recipe.

A moment later, Tian-Hu calmly put down the jade scroll. Tian-Xue watched on impatiently and asked, “So? Is it usable?”

“It’s not the same as the previous ones. It’s usable!” Tian-Hu remained calm.

“Good! Good!” Tian-Xue was visibly happy.

Despite Tian-Hu maintaining a calm demeanor, Lu Ping could tell that this wasn’t the case from how hard he clenched his fist around the jade scroll.

After recovering from their complicated emotions, Tian-Xue chuckled and turned toward Lu Ping as she said, “What a cunning little fox. You’re just as sly as your master but not as cunning as she is. Bah. I’ll keep my word. Here are my treasures; you can only pick three of them.”

She did not give Lu Ping any chances to respond and threw him into the black portal she had previously opened.

After Lu Ping was sent away, Tian-Xue looked toward Tian-Hu, and said, “I never thought he would be so wealthy. He really lives up to his reputation as the wealthiest disciple.”

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Tian-Hu calmly replied, “We all know about his growth. There’s nothing special about it. He’s earned his current achievements, having gone thr

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