Chapter 427 - A Familiar Face
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 427 - A Familiar Face

According to the Zhen Ling Sect’s rules, when disciples were rewarded with an earth-class item or something of the same value, permission was needed from several Law Avatar Realm Great Ancestors. When Tian-Xue personally rewarded Lu Ping, she had already removed the earth-class and heaven-class items despite some of them not being the sect’s property. However, the mystic-class wonder items could not pique Lu Ping’s interest.

Lu Ping said, “Junior grand aunt, there are some items in your collection that I’m interested in. Can I trade with you?”

“Oh?” Tian-Xue laughed with intrigue. “What do you intend to trade for them? Enlighten me.”

Lu Ping immediately went through his inter-spatial ring and presented a chalcedony. The moment the chalcedony was revealed, the temperature in the palace dropped.

“Not bad!” Tian-Xue’s eyes lit up. “Judging from its form and energy, this mystic-class treasure must be at least a few thousand years old. Hmmm. A few early-Core Forging Realm cultivators practicing ice-elemental techniques in our sect recently ran into a cultivation bottleneck. This item will come in handy. All right. What do you want in return?”

Lu Ping had intentionally revealed the item because he knew Tian-Xue was a prominent ice-elemental technique cultivator in the sect.

Lu Ping calmly delivered the item to Tian-Xue, before he voiced his thoughts, “There’s a spinning ball of wind in your collection. I think it will be useful to me, so I’d like to trade for it.”

Before his voice faded, a spinning ball of wind emerged before him. The air around him distorted as the airball warped the air and reduced the temperature, freezing the surroundings.

“This airball is a wind-elemental peculiar item; it’s something I obtained in Iceland. Affected by the howling gales of Iceland, the airball unleashed bone-chilling freezing gales. The airball is pretty rare and precious, but it’s not as good as your Glacial Essence. As compensation, I’ll give you something else. What else do you have your eyes on?”

“I’m interested in a water jade.

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