Chapter 428 - Forceful
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 428 - Forceful

Lu Ping followed Zeng Wu into the common market. Zeng Wu walked quickly and wore a happy expression, while Lu Ping’s pace was calm and steady. During this time, Lu Ping also scanned the goods sold by the various vendors.

Moments later, Lu Ping’s attention was attracted to something, causing him to glance toward the front. Zeng Wu hadn’t detected anything and continued leading the way in excitement.

Zeng Wu hadn’t expected the man who gifted him spirit stones and pellets to be a Core Forging Realm cultivator. During their most recent trip, Zeng Wu and his companions stumbled upon an abandoned cavern from ancient times. Their discovery was fruitful, but plenty of things were beyond their understanding because they were all solitary cultivators with limited chances to acquire more knowledge. As they could not identify the items’ value, they feared being taken advantage of by the vendors or losing their lives after being robbed by higher-level cultivators who saw their goods. Right as they were feeling lost and helpless, Zeng Wu discovered Lu Ping purchasing spirit materials.

Lu Ping had left quite an impression on Zeng Wu by lending him a helping hand all those years ago. Unlike other prideful higher-level cultivators, Lu Ping was very friendly and kind to him. Zeng Wu also believed that Lu Ping bore no ill intentions toward them, judging by how he gifted him spirit stones and pellets back then. The fact that Lu Ping was also a knowledgeable Core Forging Realm cultivator further strengthened Zeng Wu’s confidence in getting Lu Ping to look at their trophies.

Zeng Wu and his companions were confident in the value of the items they had discovered. If one of these items piqued Lu Ping’s interest, they would be rewarded handsomely because Lu Ping was an alchemist.

All of a sudden, the pair witnessed a scene taking place in front of them. Zeng Wu’s expression twisted because that was where his companions were. Zeng Wu turned around immediately and sprinted toward the area after receiving a nod from Lu Ping.

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