Chapter 425 - I Have It
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 425 - I Have It

In a split second, Dao-Li turned the tide and cornered Tian-Hu.

After all, this was the Core Forging Pellet, capable of raising a Golden Core’s grade!

Then there was the mysterious Splendiferous Jade Dew which the Law Avatar Realm grandmaster alchemists only recognized.

Search for the original.

Whilst the Splendiferous Jade Dew was alien to Lu Ping, the Core Forging Pellet was no stranger to him. Today, Lu Ping learned that the Splendiferous Jade Dew was crucial to concoct the Core Forging Pellet.

Although Dao-Li’s words made sense, he was not correct. Lu Ping had found the Core Forging Pellets in a jade bottle he discovered in an underground cavern on Fei Ling Island. Jiang Tian-Lin and Liu Tian-Ling had entered the Law Avatar Realm by consuming the pellets, and Lu Ping reckoned that this was the same for Qu Xuan-Cheng and the others.

However, Lu Ping was not convinced that the Zhen Ling Sect could produce Core Forging Pellets. He was one of the five master alchemists of the sect. Despite not visiting the Pavilion of Alchemy often, he was well aware of the sect’s alchemy standards. Lu Ping knew that if the sect managed to get their hands on the recipe, as a master alchemist, he would be notified about it. Additionally, Xuan-Jing had been researching the Core Forging Pellet for decades after receiving one from Liu Tian-Ling and hadn’t made any breakthroughs.

Tian-Hu calmly waited for Dao-Li to finish his words and stood up steadily, “Dao-Li, have you heard of the Splendiferous Jade Bottle?”

Dao-Li was stunned and said nothing.

Tian-Hu gradually continued, “It is a powerful item. Do you think the pellets would lose their power if kept within such a jade bottle?”

“Indeed. The Splendiferous Jade Bottle can ensure the pellets’ efficacy, but that still begs the question of where the Zhen Ling Sect got the bottle from?” The elder from the Water Mist Sect asked.

Tian-Hu revealed a jade bottle, which Lu Ping recognized in an instant. It was the same jade bottle he had found on Fei Ling Isl

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