Chapter 379 – Breakthrough Preparation
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 379 – Breakthrough Preparation

"What is Junior Uncle Xuan-Yuan planning to do? You've made it clear that you aren't accepting disciples yet, but he still sent them here? If you reject them, it will be seen as you refusing his request. Although Junior Uncle Xuan-Yuan isn't strong, he is a respected elder in the same generation as our teachers.

"Your reputation in the sect has caused many to be jealous, those people will definitely make a fuss and talk nonsense about this matter. This could influence the seniors into thinking you are arrogant and disrespectful to your elders."

Lu Ping laughed and comforted her, "You’re too suspicious. Perhaps, Junior Uncle Xuan-Yuan just doesn't want to let these disciples lose the opportunity to advance further. After all, they were the only ones who withstood my suppression, so both their talent and will are considered exceptional in this regard. Junior Uncle Xuan-Yuan just wants the best for the younger generation."

Hu Lili felt that she might have been overthinking; she smiled, and asked, "What will you do then, are you really going to accept them?"

Lu Ping didn't answer. Instead, he waved his sleeves and the By-Lake Cauldron in front of him opened its lid, letting out a billow of steam. The steam gathered above the cauldron and condensed into a skyblue water. This was the Magnificent Wave Water, an Earth-class low-grade wonder water.

After that, an unusually big medicinal pellet the size of a lychee flew out of the cauldron, which Lu Ping kept inside a jade bottle. He passed the bottle to Hu Lili, and said, "This is the Spirit Water Vein Nourishment Pellet I've upgraded into a Core Forging Realm pellet. It will help you recover the damage to your cultivation foundation. You'll be fine, I promise."

Hu Lili kept the jade bottle away, while Lu Ping continued, "As for the disciples, let them be for now. According to the sect's rules, they need to reach the Mid Blood Condensation Realm to be eligible for a teacher. It will take years for them to get there, long enough for us to see their true nature. If they can w

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