Chapter 378 – Huang Li Island's Operation
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 378 – Huang Li Island's Operation

Fang Tao's little ploy was just to introduce his children to Lu Ping who could then help them out in the future. Additionally, Fang Tao hoped that Lu Ping could provide a little guidance so their cultivation would be smoother.

Fang Tao never expected Lu Ping to give his children a high-grade mystic instrument. This couldn't help but boost his gratitude and loyalty towards Lu Ping.

Lu Ping didn't see his actions as anything special. After all, he had killed countless cultivators over the years and had looted so many mystic instruments that he had lost count.

After a short round of pleasantries, Lu Ping said, "Old Fang, Huang Li Island's situation is still relatively stable right now, but peace and order has yet to be established. Initially, Senior Sister Hu Lili was going to handle the island's affairs, but she’s now recovering on Tian Ling Mountain. I want you to set up a centralized market on the island to gather the cultivation resources and trade there. At the same time, our usual pellet store has to operate again; hoard as many spirit herbs as you can from the cultivators."

Fang Tao mulled for a moment, and then answered, "Young master, the pellet store isn’t an issue. I can also set up a central marketplace and operate it, but I lack the strength to enforce peace and maintain order."

Lu Ping understood the issue. If even Lu Qin couldn't ensure order, how could Fang Tao, who was just an Early Blood Condensation Realm cultivator, do it?

This was actually a test from Lu Ping. After all, it had been many years since they last met and people often change. He had to make sure Fang Tao was still loyal to him. When Lu Ping saw that Fang Tao was still level-headed and self-aware despite being given the power to govern the island, Lu Ping was satisfied, and said, "Don't worry, just do your best. I will assign Lu Qin to assist you with this. I believe no one on the island would dare to threaten your safety. The central marketplace doesn't have to be grand, a basic one will do. Senior Sister Hu will reorganize and furnish the rest when she returns. Your main focus is the pellet store."

A year passed just like that. When Hu Lili recovered from most of her injuries and returned to Huang Li Island, Lu Ping happily passed the island affairs over to her and felt great relief. After that, he shut himself inside the cave-dwelling for another round of cultivation.

Although the island already had a protective formation, Hu Lili still set up a small protective formation inside their cave-dwelling.

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